Any tips?

Hey Folks, My name is Erwin and im dutch, Im a beginning Lucid dreamer, well no i`m a wannabe lucid dreamer since i never had a lucid dream in my entire life, so far i know. So i hoped you guys could share some hints, tips and tricks with me to make it a little easier to obtain my first LD,

\\It`ll be appreciated///

Hello dutchie. Best tip is to use WBTB with whichever other method you like… it really improves the chance of having a LD.

Read the tutorials in the FAQs and tutorials subforum esp
“How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader

and the article The Lucid Dreaming Wall (mainly for new members)

good luck!

I’m sure there’s already a lot of threads on beginner’s advice out there, but I guess it’s always worth mentioning some basics:

In fact, the best advice can probably be found here: [Table of Contents Ordered By Theme)

That being said, I’d highly recommend a DJ if you don’t have one. It’s the best and, in my opinion, the only place to start if you’re not a natural. Writing your dreams down helps you learn to recognize them… both awake and asleep. Being able to recognize a dream, whether by dream sign or intuitive, greatly improves the amount of LDs you have. It was only after I got really serious with keeping my DJ that I started to have a lot more LDs than I used to.

So… do reality checks, yes. Maybe try MILD or WBTB. But I stress that almost everyone needs to keep a Dream Journal. Hope this helps!

This is spot on. A DJ is one of the very first steps and will help you improve your dream recall. Its best to recall your dreams while you still lay in bed. And as Scipio stated previously a DJ will help you solidify your intent on LD.

I would highly recommend doing as many reality checks as you can throughout the day and recounting the feeling you get just before sleep and upon waking up. These are some of the best times to practice gauging your awareness.

I would also like to add that it is important to do your reality checks throughout the day in the most dreamlike scenarios that you encounter. i.e. looking upon a vivid landscape or during times of heightened awareness (high brain activity) because it is during these times within your dream that you are likely to remember to perform a reality check. I’d recommend you start with the DEILD technique until you feel more confident about your dream recall.

Improving your dream recall is crucial to having LDs because if you have no recall you won’t ever remember obtaining lucidity.

Best of luck to you Erwin.

First of all Thank you moogle, i will most certainly snoop around at the wall,

xaos i bought a notebook today as my DJ, How do i write things down?

Scanner, Where can i find more about this DEILD? cause im actually pretty psyched about that, it sounds easy since i dont have trouble sleeping, but falling into sleep is a huge problem to me.

thank you all for your advice, i`ll take a look and hopefully it helps me in the way to lucidity,

Much love.

scanner_darkly: I like that you recommended to do the RCs in dreamlike scenarios, but I’d like to add it’s not important how many you do. Yes, try to do enough that they have an effect, but constantly RCing each minute won’t help you. It’s better to do it once an hour, and… “do it with passion” than it is to do it every five minutes and get it over with. Know what I mean?

dutchie: That’s the great thing about DJs. You can write it however you like! If you just want to take short notes, that’s fine. If you want to write extremely detailed narratives go for it! It’s best, though, to write as much as you can, especially in the beginning, because it helps with your memory. If you only write a little, you’ll only recall a little, right?

DEILD is a WILD-type technique. (If you mouse over the acronym it’ll give you a forum definition. Also, you can do a forum search and you’ll probably get a lot of results.) Basically, you can “DEILD” when you wake up from a dream, don’t move, and try to fall back asleep into the dream. It’s (usually) very important to not move as not moving tells your body you’re still sleeping. Some can roll over and then DEILD, but I’ve, personally, found it easier to not move.

But yea. What happens is you fall straight back asleep into the dream you just left or a new dream. You do something like count to 30 while waiting to fall asleep and keep your mind focused. It takes a couple attempts to get it right, and it doesn’t always work, but it can lead to some easy LDs if you can sleep a little longer…

… on the other hand, it could cause you to forget the dreams you had before you tried to DEILD. Some like to say you’re trading the NLD before for the LD after… assuming you get the LD.

I do agree that Quality trumps quantity. I wasn’t recommending that he do them every minute, more so that he not neglect the importance of them.

I will also add that while you can rely on an alarm to remind you once per hour or so, IME it is more benefitial to eventually learn to let emotional triggers dictate the times of your reality checks-- if possible [. i.e. in the situations i mentioned previously and also throughout the day], or just remembering by way of your motivation. Practice makes perfect.