any way to make dreams more vivid?

my dreams are never the vivid dreams i hear so much about. while i have had a few lucid dreams, they also take on the dull qualities of my normal dreaming. is there anything i can do to increase the vividness of my dreams (without drugs, please, ha)?

Vividness ? There is a voice command “Increase vividness !” , like “Increase lucidicy”. Spinning and rubbing your hands also works pretty nice. You can also look at one place and search for detail - like you look at tree and look at it’s texture, it should have more and more details.

ive tried that, but it doesnt seem to work. i was thinking that maybe my dream state is just too shallow, causing everything to not be as vivid as it should be, like im about to wake up at any second. there was, however, one instance where the dream was fading to black, so i ran over to a dimmer switch on the wall and turned it up. surprisingly, that did the trick, but it wasnt long-lasting and the vividness was still dull at best. [sigh…]

Try to drink something that you know would make it more vivid, or you could take the vitamine B6, made one of my LD’s totally crazy… it was more clear than reality ever could be…

My dreams are extra vivid when i’m away from home.
Also, I sometimes have an interesting dream if i reset my alarm to allow me another 5 minutes sleep before i get up for work in the morning.

:hmmm: I heard about lucidicy pill, that increases lucidicy; how about trying a vividness pill ? I didnt mentioned that you can grab something, and concentrate on it (texture, etc) , that might work.

i dont think id go for a lucidity pill, but im thinking about trying vitamin b6. ive heard of that before and it doesnt seem like itd have adverse effects.

Listening to lucid dreaming bwgen audios have always made any of my dreams more vivid.