Anybody else notice this?

Has anybody else noticed that your normal dreams became less weird and more played out once you gained a broader dream conscious, or started to lucid dream? My normal dreams now are like that, I noticed it happen slowly, now my dreams dont jump around as much, less weird things happen, kind of more like normal life. Just wondering if im the only one or not.

It’s happening to me, too. Makes finding dreamsigns hard when your dreams are about boring everyday stuff.

is your dream recall the same as it’s been since you started exploring your dreams ??? it could be that you’re just remembering more dreams now, maybe you just forgot all your “normal” dreams before and now you’re starting to retain them

i haven’t noticed that phenomenon though, my dreams may be a theme from my WL but they’re interspersed rather healthily w/ off the wall dreams… last night i had a dream i was darth vader and was having a light saber duel with darth sidious and his new apprentice… but that dream may have had something to do w/ the festivities the night before :cool:

Less randomness for me, but so much more creative.

My normal dreams seem as crazy as they where before it started LD’ing.

I didn’t start to remember dreams before i started trying to LD, so i don’t really know, but my dreams are not really very weird, unless i make them so in a LD.

I haven’t noticed it, but some weeks my dreams seem to be somewhat boring but the next week they can be really interesting. Before starting to LD i didn’t remember that many dreams, probably less than 1/week but the ones i remembered where interesting for the most part. So it’s probably because you remember more of your dreams, that they seem boring. Try watching a good/wierd movie and you will probably have interesting dreams that night.

my dream recall has always been excellent, it still is. Im not sure whats going on, maybe just a phase.

Anyways, I have another ‘does anybody else notice this’

Last nite I woke up around 3am, not sure why, then got back to sleep within a minute so it was really easy to become lucid, I was walking down a hill and i turned around, then the dream started fading. I started doing the spinning technique but I quickly woke up, right when I woke up my body was getting HUGE vibrations, like what people describe in an OOBE. But it wasnt an OOBE. I thought nothing of it, went back to sleep. Before I woke up I was lucid again and the exact same thing happened, even with the vibrations. Anybody else get this?

My dreams have definatly gottten much weirder, longer, more confusing and very much so plot orientated. Im having quite the Lucid dry Spell however.

as far as waking up with HUGE vibrations, it’s happened to me twice, both times were when i tried to OBE from an LD, i couldn’t seem to wiggle out of my body either time and slipped back into an ND shrug

Normal dreams have become more structured (as far as you can call dreams “structured”…), coherent, longer and more vivid. It’s not like normal life (yet), but my dreams have evolved from fragments of totally absurd situations to sometimes very long structured tales of adventure. LDing surely had its impact on my normal dreaming!
I think this happens to most LDers, but the way in which LDing changes our dreams varies a lot.

My dreams used to be all jumbled up, I never knew the ‘timeline’ of the dream (which thing had happened first) and everything was strange, like the “oh, that pidgeon is your mom” dreams lol…now I have dreams where I’m at home, or I’m at places I actually go to, and do the stuff I usually do. Sometimes I have strange dreams. I kinda like it better this way, cos before all the strange dreams were just dreams, now they’re special dreams that I enjoy way more!

Also, I have a record of ALL my dreams from the past four years, before I’d even heard of LD 's, and now that I can LD more, I can always learn to reproduce these dreams, or create my own, and store them in a kind of dream contents page!