Anybody knows good places for finnish shelter maps?

Hello everybody, I am mainly asking the finnish members for tips about where there are any good shelters or if there are any good hiking trails, mainly in Österbotten but all finnish west coast is of interest, I intend to go to finland by end of april and will study some basic finnish before I go as well :stuck_out_tongue: Or if anybody knows any good site to find map of wind shelter in the forest I am also interested.

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Hi! Does Finland have a tourist organisation? Norway has one, which maintains shelters and trails all over the country. They have maps. I would start with looking for this.

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Good idea, I will see what I find, maybe Jarod and polarbear have good tips as well, my plan is to go from Torneo through Uleåborg to Åbo and maybe take Vaasa on the way too if I have time enough to stop there :slight_smile:

That’s great. Do share your experience with us too.

It was totally wild, I started that journey by tenting in Haparanda in deep snow and Uleåborg had lots of snow too as well as Vaasa, it was not until I reached Åbo that the snow was gone and I stayed with some friends living in a yurt :grin:

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