Anyone else always want sleep lately

I have been lucid dreaming for a while, but recently got back to practicing.
I’ve made far more progress after pointed readings and I formation I’ve gained on lucid dreaming.

But now I’m at a point, much like when you have to put a book down or walk away from a TV show because… well… life… and all I really want to do is go back to sleep and continue practicing.
Does any one else feel that, or are your experiences more at a moderate pace?


I used to feel that way a lot back when I first really got into it, especially when I had a lot of free time. My waking life now is so busy and involved that I feel very wrapped up in it much of the time that I’m awake. Focusing on my dreams for part of the day feels like a very good way to maintain some balance and perspective at this point, so I don’t get totally lost in my experiences of the waking world and lose track of the bigger picture.