Anyone ever had this feeling?

Recently I’ve been very ill and have been in bed for most of the days. The other day I was trying to Lucid Dream so i could pass the time but the wierdest thing happened.
I have never in my lifetime had sleep parylisis. Even after a strong lucid dream. I’m not a heavy sleeper either.

I read up about sleep parylisis that you cannot move but you sortof “hallucinate” because you are still in the dream state. Well, this is the wierd part. I had all the symptoms of sleep parylisis except that i could move. I was walking about upstairs half asleep in a wierd drunken state, I kept feeling like I was walking down the stairs and switching back to where i was walking. I saw doors and windows that dont exist. I could hear voices, even though it was lunchtime and my parents had gone to work, shouting voices, arguements, my little sister bothering me.

I was very hot aswell so i remember taking my bedside cup into the bathroom for some water. I then realised I was in the kitchen. I had walked downstairs without knowing. This wierd sensation lasted for ages. I can also remember trying to watch some TV like it, but it just made me feel sick.

I sat for what seemed like hours, watching the hallucinations. I coughed and began to fall asleep again. But this is even more wierd. I was sleeping and dreaming but all my senses were still working (except sight of course, that was set on the dream). I could feel the couch i was sitting on, i knew my eyes were open blankly.

I could feel REM!!! It was incredibley wierd. I cant remember what happened after that but I can remember waking up (fully awake) laying on the sofa.

Ugh, lots of text.

This phenomenon is called HI, its just like SP, but you can move.

I have had this a few times and its really scaring, you dont know whats real or not. So your not the only one :wink:

Sounds interesting…

yeah iv felt like im having REM before whist i was WILDing i duno about SP tho i think id start freaking out!

i can remember episodes like this from when i was a child and in half sleep. I still don’t know if i was really walking around and hallucinating, or just dreamt that i did. Even now, if i have a fever, i am half conscious through the night and all my dreams are ‘repeating patterns’. Did you have high fever that night?