Anyone ever try making a "creature" in a dream?

I dont mean like just an animal, I mean a monolthic beast to do your bidding (got the idea from the game black and white) next lucid dream im fitting this into, unfortunately ive hit a bit of a drought.

If you really want to do that, you could… but why? :eh:

I always did enjoy beating my cow to death on that game… :tongue:

slaps his cow :grin:

I have created many people and things in my dreams. Creating a monster would be no problem. You can create anything you want. It’s your dream.

well it’s a problem if you have a bad imagination

i made “Steve the bear” once… he was an inside joke between my friends in english class… i may have written a story or two about him.

anyway i clearly knew what a real grizzly bear looked like, but i couldn’t make him look like that…

but i put a chain gun on his chest and rode him around and shot down doors and flew and stuff… man those were good times…

in fact i just recovered a memory of doing that again recently… wow…i remember getting on the bear and … i think maybe i was contacting someone from another forum… i remember joking with him about not letting him ride my bear… maybe it was just my mind simulating the joked experience

i don’t know.

creating creatures can be fun though.

I created a whole army of steel Terminators to do my bidding.

I can see the red eyes glowing and there little grins right now

holy reality

Next time you could try and become steve bear. Nothing says you have to be human in your dreams.

Remarkably (given their nature), my lucid dreams don’t commonly incorporate elements that aren’t realistic. With a scant few exceptions, my DCs are generally human, and my locations are generally familiar from RL. Occasionally I’ll try to create something from the depth of my unrestrained imagination, but The Force isn’t always with me. It’s an interesting idea though, and something I intend to do when I get a little better at controlling my dreams.

I don’t think I’d want to create a monster though I seem to dream up funky-a** creatures in my NDs. I just had this awful dream about some winged beast that was going to attack my family. To keep him/her/IT at bay, we handed over hairless kittens for it to slaughter so we could get it out of the house. I was so worried the whole dream and sat hugging my dog, hoping she wouldn’t be attacked.

I could just see some adventurous LDer generating this fabulous creature and having it attack him/her instead.

No thank you. :sad:

You would be lucid though so the creature would be nothing to fear.

You could always make a “creature” that could help you become lucid mor often or even fight away fears or such.

True Milod, but I still don’t trust any lucid creation of mine. Since I waver between the varying degrees of lucidity, I could easily lose my grip on the dream and be stuck with this awful thing that’s trying to eat me. I just have too many chase dreams (even when lucid) to want to go and manifest something worse.

I can see that it would in deed be horrible to summon a creature while lucid planning to easily defeat it then you lose lucidity and have the creature pound on you. I can see how the thought of that would frighten you. Though you would most likely regain lucidity as you remember that you created the creature and are still in the dream. Anyway don’t worry your ability to stay lucid will improve.

Happy Dreaming

I’ve been told that one task a Tibetan Buddhist monk might give to a advanced student is for the student to create a fierce dream demon.
This is done while LDing, slowly over time, piece by piece.
Then the student is given the much harder task of then destroying the demon.
While I was told that this leads to a great leap in the understanding of reality, I was also warned that failing to complete the second task can lead to crippling madness.:panic:

Not likely. Nothing in LD 's can harm you.

If I ld tonight, which I will (hehe, im just being confident to trick my subconsious, haha!!!), I will then first create an uzi, then summon DrDildo who is a golden retriever who has a strap on dildo on his head that shoots lazer beams. Then, if I can get one of the two things to work, I will go outside and reak havok on the city!

Good attitude. About being confident with your LD that is.

Happy Dreaming

I think I heard about the monks and demons thing before.

milod789 wrote;

Well, let’s look at it from the student’s point of view.
By this time he has the ability to enter a LD at will, so say he LDs once a night and takes three years to complete the demon, toe by toe, scale by scale.

I doubt a person could confine a beast like that to just LDs.

Maybe a master could, but if you are a student that thing would be growling in your face every time you fell asleep.

I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

In my opinion:

  1. If that were true you would have a big flashing dream sign every night and become lucid and simply dispatch the creature.

  2. Dreams just do not work like that.