Anyone have any speedy LD tricks?!

Splitted from the BIG “Was this a LD?” topic

Hey I’m new here. I’m a total begginner for LD. When I was young I used to frequently have lucid dreams. (I didnt know they were called lucid, I always called them "the dream where you know you’re dreaming). I used to do things in my dream since I knew I was dreaming. For example when I was in a store I would start opening random packages and eating it because I knew it was just a dream. However they would always be low-intensity. I don’t recall that they were very vivid, and I would always lose my lucidity after a very short period of time. And now I’m trying very hard to have a lucid dream but its not working out. The closest I got was when I dream and then after the scene ends I’m like telling my mom or someone else about what I just dremt even though I’m still dreaming! I always have these kinds of dreams. It’s like LD too late! (And then despite the fact that I tell someone it was a dream I still don’t realize I’m dreaming as I tell them) Anyone have any speedy LD tricks?!