Anyone heard about KEO?

KEO is a huge project to, in a way, travel in time.

A group of scientists are building a satelite that will circle around the earth in 50 000 years and then come back to the surface!
In that satelite, there will be messages and materials. There will be a sample of human blood, the earth’s air and water.
There will also be a guide to all the languages spoken today written on a “rosette disc”.
This is all made so that the people living then can understand how we lived today.

But the best part is… that everyone can write message to be carried on that satelite! I think that lucid dreaming could be useful in the future too, but I forgot it while writing my message… So, if anyone else would like to write a message to the future, here is the link:

You can write in any language you want, and if you want more information, go to


I thought something like this was already done?

Has it? I heard about some satelites having short infos about our species, but never that people get to write messages themselves.

No, you’re right Lanina. It didn’t allow any tom, dick or harry to participate.

What if aliens can’t read?

No, I don’t think it’s to the aliens. The idea was that humans, or at least whatever intelligent life will be on earth, will read it.
And they have instructions to all languages spoken today.

I wonder with how things are going today, if there’ll be somewhere for this satellite to land on in 50k years.

I actually read about that a week ago :smile:
Sounds like an interesting thing to do :cool_laugh:

And what would you’re note say?

I think we should send an LD4all bumper sticker.

wait… who gets to send their blood into the furture >.> … they would try and clone the person and s/he gets to live in the future ;_; NO FAIR!!!..heh… yeah…

50,000 years… i think we should be capable for easy space travel by then who knows you may be able to go to space when you want to :happy:… and sombody would take it down and look at it way before it is time to… i’m pretty sure that will happen…

Hehehe, I’ll write something so that they know what the great visionary they read about on their holografic laptops was like IRL. :tongue: