anyone here a diver if you are i need someone to do a test

Hi there,

Today i was thinking of pressure on how it affects our breathing, i have heard of people who in their lives have had strange experinces where their is low pressure, lets take for example a jet fighter pilot, he will blackout if he is pulling too many g’s.

Now i thought if someone could go to a swimming pool, with a scuba tank and swim down to the pool bed and place the tank there then have your body weighted so you lie on your back with the tank beside you, then you wear scuba diving goggles and have the sides of them blacked out by using a black pen marker so the only thing you can see is straight up, then i thought have somebody with you in the simming pool incase anything goes wrong, and have enough oxygen to last about 30 mins, also wear a dry suit not a wetsuit a dry suit, also do this experiment in the nightime and have a huge light shining down from above the pool outside.
Now just lie there and think of nothing keep your eyes open until you feel like you want to close them and try to think that you are above the pool, and continue to breath in that oxygen from the tank in a slow manner, and hopefully you will be out of your body, but try to be in the deep end and find a pool with a depth of about 3m in the deep end.

I want to try this out as i believe an out of body experince can happen becasue of the small presure of being down there as you will know your ears equalize at that depth, i have done scuba diving in a pool many yeras ago, but just make sure your in a very fit and physical shape as you can feel a little ill if your say a smoker.

please tell me what you think

When do you think you will be trying this,
because i would like to hear the results…

honeyjigga, actually the pressure under water is higher than above surface - the water pressure is higher than air. You have to equalize your ears because of the high pressure outside.

there are ways to use your breathing, for example in meditation, and that requires years of training with qualified instructors

I discourage anyone considering such suggested experiments