Anyone here master LDs?

Ive tried this stuff on and off, dream journals, reality checks etc and I have been able to rememeber more of my dreams and i’ve had a few LDs but i want to know that if I make a major commitment there wil be a large payoff. Is there anyone on this board who has trained themself and can now say they have LDs regularly? And if so what do you get out of it? Have LDs led to and self discovery or improvement?

I have them regularly, bout every 2-8 days. And I joined here a few weeks ago. But I wouldn’t call myself a master, there’s lots of people here who have them every single night.
(And yes it does pay off if you want to let off anger and have some fun)

I envy you sir.

A while back, I’ve been having short lucid dreams about twice a week for some time. That was only when I meditated every day, but unfortunately, I’ve lost interest in both activities. :neutral: I’m trying to start meditating again, but it’s been long enough that I feel as if I have to start all over with it.

Really? I’ve found meditating fun even before I knew about lucid dreams. The tranquility’s the best part for me

Not to be a scab, but I know of several people from dreamviews who have said that they have (or had a period of time in their lives where they had) nightly LDs, ones where they had complete control over their dream environment and their own forms if they so desired, even being able to stretch their dreams out to last for days, weeks, months of subjective time a night.

So yeah, sounds worthwhile to me.

Hmm. Even at just one month of subjective time at eight hours real time (and that’s too much, right?), you’d have to be going at about 90 times “real” speed. It sounds a bit hard to believe, considering that subjective time seems to “normally” almost match real time.

Edit: stuck another “at” in

Well, transforming into an animal and walking through mirrors is hard to believe, too. You can’t compare dream time to normal time.

Okay, I can see someone’s sense of time slowing down so that an hour seems like a month, but would that person be thinking faster, too?

It could be that the perception of time is distorted. For example, say the sun is up, and one minute later, it’s down, and the next 30 secs, it’s back up again. The dreamer would probably feel like it’s been an entire day.

Is it just me, or is this getting wildly off topic?

I wrote a fair bit on the subject in this thread over at DV, near the bottom. Long story short, subjectively experiencing time doesn’t just occur as you dream; every moment of your waking life is spent at vary “speeds.” A day lazing at the beach does not seem nearly as long as a strenuous workday, because how fast time passes is related directly to how often your brain registers your surroundings and when it’s operating “faster,” time will appear to be going slower in comparison.

Seeing the brain can stick nearly an infinate amount of data into a single second, this is definately possible. There are tons of people who have said they have had dreams that have lasted a week, a year, some people even say they’ve lived a lifetime in a lucid dream. Also, few is known about the human brain. Don’t try to find scientific explanations for everything brain-related, since few is known. How do you declare shared dreaming? Technically, it’s “impossible”, right? But still a lot of people have (claimed to) experience one.

Also, ontopic: You might want to PM Darxide or BenDrummin58. Darxide can induce LDs at will (so every night if he wishes) by willpower, and iirc so could BenDrummin. I dont know all the details, but check Darxide’s topic in the Quest for Lucidity called “Willing yourself to do it.”

The time thing. Yes if the internal clock is going faster than normal time seems to slow down as they say happens when adrenalin is being released for instance. So you think that the mind must work extremely fast to fit in years into one night. But what if you shut off the preception of time. Then time wouldn’t seem to pass at all or would at least not be PERCIEVED to pass. This is possible! So then whatever time passes can be said to be infinity or any other amount of time that “feels right”. And after the experience you try to figure it out and you look at the events. And well. you can have all sorts of ideas about what time passed i guess.
Ultimately, how it works and such things is not important. And you’ll only know when you experience it if it’s valid.
And now after having experienced writing this, i realise i am too tired to be writing stuff. especially such things that should be expressed clearly. And I realize I am rambling.

Yeah krakatoa, I don’t really grok how exactly you mean for brains to “turn off” time as you explain it. You might be able to turn off all perception of time, sure, go into some sort of comatose trance state, but that would not stop time itself from moving forward and in such a state your brain functions would have to be at a standstill… in which case, you’d be dead. “Stopping time” wouldn’t be as you refer to it like stretching a dream out to infinity; instead, it would be like crunching it down to nothing.