Anyone know about the Academy of Sorcery?

I am a member of the Academy of Sorcery which originates from Ontario, Canada. They offer several spells and supposedly secret knowledge from Sorcerer’s such as Abremelin the Sage.

Does anyone know anything about this Academy? Is anyone here a member? They charge enough money for their secret spell, and formulas but I have never put them into action because I am afraid. Has anyone done this and if so , do their spells and magick really work? They gaurantee results.

I sure would like to hear any and all comments on this. Here is their :help:

so you signed up for something with guaranteed results (which means it probably doesn’t work) and you gave them money, but you are afraid to use their spells?

I don’t quite follow you there…

I don’t believe in magick per se, if it DOS work then I think it is something that you can accomplish yourself without rituals and whatnot, but it might be harder since the rituals, providing they work, probably have some sort of place in the collective unconscious/whatever that just YOUR willpower doesn’t…

But I can’t say that I’m really familiar with it has tons of info about that kind of stuff.

Well I believe magick works, I’m Wiccan, but this thing sounds dodgy. If they charge you forspells…they’re crap. lol. But I don’t know, I’ll have a look

yes I believe Magick works, I am Wiccan too. I wouldn’t buy anything from this Academy of Sorcery, you’re not even suppose to charge people for spells. Besides, you could write your own spells and they will probably work just as well, or better.

Dude, I think you got scammed !!! How much did you pay and what was the spell supposed to do?
There might be a way to get your money back by filing a complaint with the authorities. Laws in Canada are similar to US.

PistGurl and Fay
A long time ago I had a minor involvement with Wicca. It’s an interesting religion.

There’s no reason to discard it without trying it.

Just try some of the simpler spells they claim to be teaching. Either it works, or it doesn’t. Also, even if this is not a hoax, there’s no reason to be afraid of trying the spells. From what I’ve read, the claimed spells of Abramelin and such others were good of nature. According to the stories, these spells had the approval of God himself, as long as it was used for good.

Of course, chances are that it’s just a hoax. Only time will tell…,

As long as it’s used for good lol. (I’ve just looked at the site) There ARE no good spells on there. It’s all so callc black magick…evil! Jeez…these people really take the piss lol

Thanks for the responses. I didn’t pay much money. Only 67 dollars. I am not unhappy with them so I do not want to complain to any authorities.

It’s not simply spells they are selling. They claim to have real magick power secrets from ancient scrolls and things. I’m afraid to test any of the spells because I do not want to offend God.

Also, Odd2k-I was impressed to see you know something about Abremelin the Sorcerer. Yes it is true that his writings start off in a respectful worship of God, but deeper into his works he deals with many good and evil spirits.I am reluctant to invoke the spirits as he teaches because I believe his Sorcery is genuine.

He teaches other things too like levitation, walking on water, and many other things. I finished the first course but now I am considering taking the next more advanced course. I really am only intellectually curious. I would never do evil against anyone. :smile:

[color=indigo]That’s ok then :content:

I encourage trying stuff as long as you know where a good stopping point is.

Even though I’m REALLY not supposed to do this…I would probably try all the spells. Even the bad ones…cos I don’t think they’d work…course if they did I be completely screwed…but never mind. I’d definately have some back up counter type spells ready lol.

Anyway…try them out. If you believe magick works…why would it exist if God didn’t mean for it to exist? (don’t get me into any religious debates plz its just MO) So go for it…and don’t forget to report back lol.[/color]

That is a different matter all together. Especially since you did not shell out hundreds of dollars or anything. As for not offending against god. Are there any you can try that are more neutral in nature. Like something that wont hurt anyone (including animals) or your self? If there are then that might be the best place to start.

You believe magic is real. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A lot of ppl believe magic is real, me for one, more religions do than dont. So read up! :content:

Agent since you did not pay much money such is an irrelevant matter i suppose. So you fear the usage of such spells? Perhaps you should invest in protective magiks and the like to counteract any unforseen consequences, like Pistgurl kind of suggested.

What is it that has you convinced that you will offend God? Perhaps he has made it so that you will come across this stuff, and is offended that you are not using the knowledge he has given you? Thing is you dont really know, and so I can see 3 paths:

First, do nothing and just pursue such on an intellectual level like you said.

Second you can go for it and invoke, gleaning personal experience (which is valuable on such a path), learning through the ups and downs.

Third, you can consult with yourself and God somehow, perhaps through prayer if you are into that. In this way you may find out which of the above two you should take.

I too used to be really into Wicca and the like. For me it was more like ‘earth spirituality’ which is pretty broad, for i was into like shamanism, druidism, wicca, all sorts of stuff rather than just one thing, it was my quest to find nature and the magic within it. That was like 2 years ago.

Personally, i believe that ‘magic’ does exist and that it is the power of our minds sort of tapping into the potentiality of the energy that lies within all things, the energy that IS all things. Identification with physicality is what limits us. Religion, which deals a lot (among other things) with matters of what is after physical death, is what frees many of us. Yeah, by the way those are my own views of course! :tongue:

Hey mike_dpw i think your sig ownz, on another note.


20 years ago no one believed in LD ing either. Who knows ???

in the number 2 bullet he spelled “prophets” as “profit”. This seems be to a Freudian slip. He was thinking about how much money he is going to make and it came out in his typing. Crazy how that works. I think its a gyp just because of that.

i beleiv in magik.

but i also dont beleiv in playing around with it.

Can someone with experience give me info on Wicca? ive been interested in it for a while. I think the fact that they dont tell people about it in school is disgracefull. Its like they think its not good enough.

I have strong beleifs regarding nature and im looking around for religions that have similar beleifs to my own. Not becaus i want to join them but becaus im curious and want to find out if theres more people like me.

sure they did!

and in the eastern world, for a long time.

Didn’t Jung and Freud and various old timers have things to say about lucid dreaming? I think at least Jung might have…

if you mean the public, maybe… but I don’t know.

that isn’t a good enough reason to not give them money, some people confuse words easily… it can be a good indicator sometimes, but yeah… if that’s true it’s pretty funny and I’d agree, but that wouldn’t be the only reason I’d agree.

If you held the secret to great magical powers would you sell them for just $65.00. Typical con artist strategy. Don’t bilk people out of too much money and you may just get away with it. Also some of the other high pressure sales tactics in the add makes it suspicious.

Just my opinion

Let me make this clear: You just through away your money.

I believe some magic works, but if I knew magic spells all I can tell you is that I wouldn’t be sellin’em.

Try and see if they work but I doubt anything good, or bad for that matter can come from them.


If there was real magic, and if there was real site about it, it would definitely not look that way.

Perfectly true.

I’m curious what Atheist will say about that…