anyone know jazzy "acid jazz" ?

couldn´t think of another title :wink:

Well, the thing is, some days ago I listened to acid jazz in the winamp radio.It was one of the best thongs I ever heard, but stupid as I am I just looked for the genre (acid jazz was the description), and thought that all acid jazz should sound like this.
Well, now I know that a whole bunch of different chill-music-styles is labeled as acid jazz (anyway, cool music)

What I search for is chill music with a saxophon, something that really sounds like jazz, but more smooth and “dreamy” or “trippy”, whatever you call it.

Chance that anyone in here know what I mean and can tell me the name of some groups? has top songs categorized by genre, although I doubt you’ll find anything good there.

I once heard drum n bass on some odd local radio station, and ever since I been digging up bad songs in the drum n bass section. If I only knew some artists to check out…

Jazz rules, especially for dream influence. I remeber when we still had a local jazz channel before it turned turned into a stupid pop music station. I let the music play all night long and experienced the strangest dreams. Moving matter, smooth moving matter…like silikon…or wax…weird structures that formed my brain…my brain TURNED into a structure made op hot plastic…the left side was wax and the right…

Nevertheless…acid and free jazz rulez…but I’m not really into this genre so I can’t tell you any artists…but wait, I think I have to jazz mp3s on my hd…I’ll review them and tell you if they are any good…

Hey ginko, would be really nice if you found some nice jazz
Already loaded ulver- lost in moments, sounds nice :smile: