Anyone miss me?

I’m guessing probably not but just thought I would say hello again. Its been a while since I came to the board. I had to reregister. :sad: I got busy with the end of school and for some reason, I just wasn’t dreaming at college. It was very frustrating. I have been dreaming up a storm lately though, recalling up to three dreams a night. Very promising.

Last night I had a dream that I was at work and had to help pick some lobsters ( I work at a Lobsterhouse here in Maine USA) Well, I picked up one of the cooked lobsters and began to twist the tail off and the thing started screeching and I whacked it with the back of a knife until it stopped. :tongue: Jeesh! Well, its good to be dreaming again anyway. And good to be back. The place looks different… see you guys around.

I also havent been around lately. But now im back and gonna start LD:ing again.