Anyone morphed muscles? :D

Anyone done that before? How does it feel to be big, buff and strong? Im thrilled to try this :biggrin:

Hmmm, never lucid and big and buff but sometimes in a vampire or werewolf dream, if I’m a vampire or werewolf then I get super strong along with flying and other stuff. I’ve morphed into a wolf before and it was incredible!

Imagine just tearing a skyscraper out of the ground and swinging it airplanes and stuff. Thats the great thing about lucid dreaming (as im sure you know) any little whim can be carried out.

I’ve never had huge muscles but super powers yes.

Never really bothered messing with my own image much. Since you don’t need muscles to pick up heavy things in dreams, i never even think about it…

Anyways, I have plenty of muscles in real life, more would look ugly on me. :content:

hmm, in almost all of the dreams I can remember, I was my exact image.

But i once had a dream where there was machine that would “buff” up your muscles. All you had to do was pay a quarter and then insert your arm.

yes I have

No one ever grown muscles and shown off in your dream? Or silently flexed in a mirror and thought “Damn, LD-s are sooo cool!”

How btw did that machine work?

I once had some morphed LD muscles. I used them to squeeze the head of one of my enemies with only one hand. Blood and brains everywhere… Never did it again :smile:

Musclels are crap when you can be totaly Kung Fu master!!! if youy have some basic irl martial arts skills. In an Ld… yo are so totaly ninja that you would kick the ass of like Neo, Bruce Lee and Barbera Streisand

No one ever wanted to enjoy real strength? :grin:

Don’t worry WMC, you’re not the only one who want to try this and I’m as suprised as you are that it’s not more popular. This is something I want to try when i finally have a non-flying LD. (Why can’t I ever remember what I really want to do)

with true strentgh you don’t have to move a muscle

I think he meant actually being able to lift things non supernaturally

heh it sounds cool but i think i’d rather be really fast instead of super strong

Ugh, no. That would be really ugly (even if I was a man in the dream). I just don’t like the way they look. Being slim and trim is much more stylish and that is just as true for guys in my opinion. And you don’t need muscles in dreams to pick up heavy things, anyway, so I don’t see the point.

The point? The point is that instead of invisible strength (like always… stupid clichè) you have big muscles to show off your strength, to yourself and DC-s.

I see what you mean WM, I think large muscular men are very attractive, especially when they are lifting heavy things :wink: (except when they are all mucles and walk around showing it off. A little body fat on them would be very comforting IMO). But I still think invisible strength, for me, is much cooler :grin:

/me shudders at the thought of female bodybuilders. shudder