Anyone Realize....? (DILD)

Anyone realize that they are dreaming while in a dream and then become lucid. Here is part of my dream were i became lucid.
I was walking up my road. There was this car that was coming up behind me. I then turned around to look at it. I started floating around the car! I’m Dreaming!!! I’m Dreaming!!! I then flew up in the air saying increase lucidity. I said i about five times.

Yes this is called a DILD. This is actually the most common type of lucid dream that occurs for both participating and non participating lucid dreamers. I personally think it’s the coolest too, because you get to stay in the dream environment that you were just dreaming about. It’s like walking through a movie screen at the theatre, and becoming a part of the movie.

Anyways congratulations on the LD!

Wait :eek: So when I say to myself “When I dream I will know I’m dreaming” I am actually doing DILD and not MILD

No, that’s MILD. DILD is when during your dream you see something out of place. Dream Initiated Lucid Dream, of course. MILD, Mnemonic Initiated Lucid Dreaming, involves the art of suggesting to yourself that you will enter a dream while still partly conscious. I think… Feel free to correct/elaborate.

Yep, what you experienced was a DILD…DILD’s are one of those spontanous things…The adrenaline you get through them is amazing. :grin:

I think that DILD’s are left in the dark a little…pair it up with some WBTB and voila!

MILD is a type of DILD

no ?

Making it painful simple, MILD is a words you think in bed, while falling asleep. DILD is when you are realizing that you are dreaming in dream.

100% of my Lucid Dreams are DILD. :wink:

Actually if you think about it, every method except WILD variations will summon a DILD. After all a DILD is when you become lucid during a dream.

100% of my LD’s are LD’s. I fall asleep and awake in one.

Well that’s quite a statement…lol.

Yes, this is the only way I’ve gotten LD before. It works rather well in my opinion, as long as you frequently do your RC during the day.

All of my LD’s (except very early ones) have been induced with a mix of RCing and DILD and MILD. I sort of try and get into a dreamy state of mind whilst still conscious and slip into the dream but I normally enter a normal dream. Then after dreaming a while I might, just might, do a reality check or just snap out of my un-LDyness.