Anyone seen the eclipse?

Just wondering, has anybody else here seen the solar eclipse? I was happening to be doing homework when it got darker all of a sudden. I looked outside, and it looked very weird, it was light outside yet dark at the same time. So, I went out to see what was going on, looked at the sun, and saw that it was a crescent. Unfortunately it wasn’t a total eclipse, those things never happen in my area. :sad:

Don’t worry, I’ve never seen an eclipse, crescent or not, in my life. :razz: That just doesn’t happen here, and from what I know, only part of the America was able to see it even fully or partially.

It’s so cloudy where I live that the eclipse is forever. But I still missed checking for it. It wasn’t very well advertised for me until today :meh:

It’s funny that you said so, a solar eclipse was visible in Australia in 1999 and the next one is coming this year!

Nov 13, 2012

Total - Will be visible in Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific adn Southern South America.
Total Eclipse visible in Australia and South Pacific.

TD of Greatest Eclipse - 22:12:55 UT

I saw it as a crescent too! I had 3 shades on and my glasses in order to see the moon covering the sun. It was a really cool sight… What, what the… There is a green spider on my bed! Waaaah! Wait, wait… Nope, that’s just useless sunglasses.

Tggtt, can you dig up some information when next total eclipse will occurr in europe? :tongue:

Mar 20, 2015

Total Eclipse - Will be visible in Iceland, Europe, North Africa and Northern Asia
Total: Northern Atlantic, Faeroe Island and Svalbard.

TD of Greatest Eclipse - 09:46:47 UT