Anyone tryed the thirst method?

I dont know if it is called TILD. Basically it consists of no drinking anything a couple of hours before sleeping, then at 4 hours of sleeping wake up and get a glass full of water, and dont drink it, put it next to you.
If you find yourself drinking the water, maybe it’s a dream.
Anyone tryed?, it’s worthy…anyway, going to test it tonight

awww…I’m already thirsty…

I’ve heard of it, but never tried it. I just finished a big glass of juice, so I guess I can’t do it tonight. Tell me how it works out! :smile:

This might work, it’s similar to setting your alarm clock at an irregular time so that you might have FA’s where you think your alarm goes off. RC => lucid … :happy:.

Intresting, I think I might try this, I think this is a technique that Robert Bruce suggests as well to induce OBEs but I think it can be applied to LD’s. I’ve tried the opposite to this method though :grin: … and it worked :content:

uhhh…didn’t werk (past of work??,please correct)
I guess I wasn’t too thirsty, and I am a newbie yet, and also I couldn’t get up at the time I established, I think the alarm ringed, but I shutted it down, or it stoped ringing. It was a annoying experience, I eated some salt too when I woke up looking for the glass of water…

hasn’t worked :wink: