Anyone use "Sleep as Android" Lucid dreaming aid?

So what it is is an android app that uses an accelerometer to plot your sleep cycles, and also has the function of playing sounds like “You are Dreaming” over and over when it detects you are in a REM cycle.
I’ve had quite a bit of lucid dreams, and I was hoping that this aid would help me get more, but so far after about 2 weeks I haven’t had any success with it at all, not with WILD or just normal sleeping. Anyone have any experiences with this? Did it work for you, or not really?

I’ve tried the app, mainly to plot my sleepcycle, and that seemed to work pretty oké. The lucid dreaming function didn’t really work for me, but I don’t think there is any way it could really work proparly since the sound is really soft, and your hearing goes softer during rem and other phases, which is when you need it (not 100% sure anymore when I think about it)

Nowadays I use it as my alarm

I did try one of the hypnosis/trance mp3’s posted on the forum and got a WILD out of it first try, perhaps you’d like to try it

The lucid dreaming function didn’t work for me either. My brain interpreted the sounds as “somebody is outside my window!”, which startled me every time. It is a good tool for tracking sleep, and it makes me able to see when I have been awake. Lucid dreams sometimes show as expended periods of flat graph!

It also helped me prove that singing in a LD produces absolutely no sound from the sleeping body.

Screaming in a nightmare, while waking up, does produce a weird muffled sound though…