Anyone Used The Subtle Knife?

I was thinking about a great series of books I’ve read by Phillip Pullman, called “The Northern Lights”.
In the second book, “The Subtle Knife”, the character Will acquires the said knife. With this, he can travel through universes (the books are based on the idea of parallel universes).
To go to another universe, you have to close your eyes and hold the dagger out infront of you with two hands. Then, very carefully you move the point around. This requires intense concentration, but eventually you feel a nick in the air. Slowly, you make a slice with the knife; a slice in the very fabric of the universe. This opens up a small square window into another universe.

Now, the question: has anyone used the “Subtle Knife” as a way to get to other locations in LDs? What was your experience like?

Thanks for reading,

I haven’t tried this, mainly because don’t you have to lose two fingers to be marked as the one that can carry the knife? Also, didn’t that form of travel end up causing bad things to happen?

Seriously though, it would be cool to try in an LD. And maybe try going to a universe where your daemon would appear would be interesting.

Oh great, now you scared everyone off :wink:

Yes, it would be neat to try this, without the whole losing-your-fingers and spectres-killing-everyone-over-fifteen thing (remember to close those universe windows!). Maybe you could visit the city of CIttagazze?

Daemons would be interesting also. For anyone who hasn’t read the books, a daemon is a guide (SG?), in the form of a talking animal, that has a spiritual bond with its owner. Everyone (at least in Lyra’s universe) has a daemon from birth, and in the persons childhood years, the daemon is allowed to shapeshift into any animal imaginable. However, once the person grows older, the daemon stays in one form. Since they are spiritually bonded, any suffering of the owner is felt through the daemon, and viceversa. Also, if the daemon and owner are seperated, they start to feel alone, scared and soulless.

Jeez, I’ve probably given someone a nightmare now, and ruined the plot for someone! :happy:

They’re great books though, and the series is actually called “His Dark Materials”, as opposed to what I said in the first post. “The Science Behind His Dark Materials” is also a good book for further reading!

I will try it soon. Give me a couple nights, maybe i will be able to tell you what it is like. I wonnder what my Daemon will be, maybe a penguin. hehe… penguins…

I’ve read those books ^^ I don’t think this is as practial as just teleporting or the spinning method. But it would be cool! (I’d like to keep my fingers though)

I think it would be cool to see what your daemon is like. The knife would just be like the going through a mirror technique, but I’d find it more useful because I can usually make small things (like the knife) appear in my pockets in lds, but I dunno if I could make a mirror appear. I think I will try this out when I have some more lds. :smile:

I have to read those books again sometime, I loved them… :content:

This is quite a interesting idea’ ill try it sometime. It would be cool if you used the Subtle (forgive my spelling) knife to literally cut into other people’s dreams and become their dream guides. Even if it didn’t actually happen it would be cool to think that it was somebody else’s dream. I think being a DG would be fun because my Dg is a badass. (Kinda)