Anything I can do to make myself dream more?

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Nice job on the guide, sir.

Anyway, I haven’t really heard anything about lucid dreaming until 2 nights ago when I watched Waking Life, then I got interested. So yesterday I found out about the few techniques listed on this site and tried MILD last night. I think it might’ve almost worked.

I was sitting on the couch in my family room and there was a guy who invented something I can’t remember in front of me. I said something like, “It’s an honor to meet you!” I then got up, ran at him and headbutted him in the stomach. He was just about to hit my TV when I woke up. Right before I hit him I kinda thought that what I was doing wasn’t normal. I suspect that that’s just because it’s my first time trying to get an LD.

But my problem is that I don’t dream often, and when I have a dream, it’s usually not very long at all. Is there anything I can do to make myself dream more?

Hi Birdman, :smile:

Before trying to practice any LD’ing induction techniques, you have to enhance your dream recall.

It’s very easy to remember more dreams. You need to:

  • have a dream journal
  • have it and a pen near your bed
  • don’t move when you wake up until you remember your dream
  • write everything you remember in the morning, even if it’s just a feeling.

You can read the sticky BIG “How to remember dreams?” topic in this very subforum. You’ll find many other tips there.

Dreams in which you suspect something to be abnormal, or in which you think about dreams are called prelucid dreams. It’s a very good sign. :content:

Now I think about it… I also had that yesterday! :eek:

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It’s not that you need to have more dreams. You just need to remember the ones you’ve got. If you’re getting the 8-ish hours of sleep most doctors recommend, you spend a total of an hour or two dreaming each night. Normally, most of that gets forgotten. But as Basilus described, keeping a dream journal for a while will help you to remember dreams.

You’ll find that you can usually remember at least a little bit of a dream or two when you first wake up. Getting out of bed immediately tends to erase those memories forever. But if you lie still and try to remember more, you’ll usually uncover more memories after a moment. Once you feel you can’t remember any more at all, you can start writing the dream(s) down in your dream journal (which should be right by your bed with a pen). In most cases, the very act of recording the dream(s) will bring more memories to the surface.

Some mornings, you’ll remember nothing. Other mornings, you may find yourself recording six or more dreams. Motivation is a HUGE factor. Also, waking yourself up in the early morning (either by self-motivation or by a physical alarm), writing down dreams, and falling back asleep increases your chances of remembering more.

Good luck! Don’t give up if you aren’t successful at first. I can almost guarantee you will be remembering multiple dreams most nights very soon.

You dream about 8 to 10 times per night, every night. You just don’t remember.

But, answering the topic - yes, there is. Sleep more.

Of course, that’s not really a practical way to lucidity. :wink:

I’ve been keeping the dream journal, and I’ve been trying it the past two days, the first night, I went to bed around 10:30, and tried the WILD method, then I got too bored, so I set my alarm clock for around 3:30, to do the WBTB method. Well, that night, I had a vivid dream, and I remembered some of it well.

Now, the past two days, I’ve tried the WBTB method, but I do not recall my dreams. Night before yesterday, I went to sleep at 2AM, and tried to wake up around 7AM, and then fall back asleep, but I couldn’t, was it because it was light out?

And last night, I tried the same thing, I went to bed around 12:45AM and woke up around 5:45, but it was light out again. And I don’t remember my dreams.

Hi eclipse3580,

As far as I understand, you’re trying to improve your dream recall for only two days? You should wait until you’ll have a good dream recall, that is remembering about one dream per night, before practising induction techniques. Don’t put the cart before the horses. :wink:

Well, I’ve got a little trick you might like to try that works for me almost always. It’s simple - stay up really late one night (it must be a night before a day when you can sleep in as long as you want, though) until you’re so tired you just want to collapse. (Keep busy if you can, it helps.) After you’ve suffered through about half an hour of extreme tiredness, let yourself go to sleep. When I do this, I always have extra-long, complicated dreams the next morning. I don’t know if it’ll work for you, but it’s worth a try. :content: