Anything you can do in dreams that are supposed to be hard?

During the course of my research of Lucid Dreams, I’ve come across a bunch of things people say are impossible or very hard to do in dreams, the most common on being flying/reading in dreams. However, I have never had issues with flying, and due to a dream I recently had, I can also read, so I’m wondering, are these things really as hard as people say, or is that just a myth?

Things I can do that are supposedly difficult:
-Flying without assistance (I just lift off the ground.)
-Teleport without assistance (I can just jump from place to place.)
-Conjuring items (They poof into existence.)
-Electronics function perfectly
-Also, I hear this is uncommon, my DCs are aware that they are figments of my imagination.

For me it would be transforming. It has never really been an issue for me. I knew how to transform before I learned to fly.
EDIT: Forgot to mention sex. :tongue:
I can do just about everything else easily but that came with some practice.

i think it varies from person to person,although i have managed to try it yet i think i will have issues with flying because i have a fear of heights but i think conjuring items will be easy because 1.i do it in my NDs anyway. and 2.i play allot of video games and RPGs like oblivion are my favorite :cool: and transforming is number 1 on my “things to do in an LD list” (UGH!! I WANNA BE A DRAGON!!! :lol: )

I find flying really easy. I just have to think about it… it seems to happen naturally. Changing location is something i find hard. I manage to do it, i just don’t end up where i want to!

I couldn’t agree more, I would assume that transforming for beginners would be a tad more difficult as it takes a lot of new nerves and sensations, I personally cannot get a good stream of LD’s for my life, it is totally random and haven’t had one since earlier this year. But I so desperately want to be a dragon as well! :tongue:

my specialty is weapons :grin:
i can use electronics perfectly, guns, and explsoives, i dont know why, but hey, it works :grin:
now, dreaming varies from one person to another, and my dreams are very random, and my specialty in weapons kind of helps in that aspect, becouse i find myself running into very evil thingsa very often.
conjuring things is also my specialty, i think about what weapon or anything else i want at the time, and it pops up where i want it.
i havent tried to transform into anything besides a wolf, and a few other things, but id imagine it works the same.
i find that confidence works the best, but also imagining the thing you want very specificly, and it helps to have an overactive imagination :grin:

I’m an excellent flier, I can teleport easily if I focus, I easily conjure small items, my DCs in my LDs (haven’t seen a lot of them) know that they are part of my dream, and I have read before with little difficulty.
Some things are probably just easier for some people than others. I can’t do even rudimentary magic in my LDs to save my life, and haven’t even been able to try to transform even though it has always been high on my to-do list.

This seems to be very individual. I have been flying in ND’s my entire life so i use my LD’s to do other stuff.

I have teleported a short distance. Tried once or twice to conjure an item but failed (have happened randomly a few times). Never tried to read. Walked through a wall in a low-lucid dream. Don’t think I’ve tried transforming. I often dream of dropping my phone into water (which is a dreamsign now that have made me lucid once :smile:) and after dropping it in water in ND’s it usually work with some errors… Other then that i have no experience with electronics in dreams.

Flying is a little difficult for me. I always end up going to fast and end up in space. Conjuring items small enough to fit in my pocket is it, as I just assume it is in my pocket and it is there when I reach for it.

Most everything else though, I achieve through pills. I just pop pills that give me different abilities. It’s really easy for me to do transformations and stuff like that.

Teleportation is a different story though. :confused:

I can read, as long as I don’t try to re-read. Ofcourse the text is usually nonsense. I find it fascinating to look at the letters transforming.

Working a computer is a waste of time because it won’t make sense or stay the way it was a second ago. Since I tend to look at the keyboard, I can’t write because it changes every time I look down and up again. It’s funny. I should write with pen on the screen instead. Then again, why bother with computers?

I find flying troublesome. I can fly up without much trouble, but then I sort of just hang there and start floating around uncontrollably. Sometimes I can direct my flight in a direction. I also can’t fly too high or I start to wake up, else there is a barrier. I read that you should change shape to get past the barrier, but I haven’t been able to change my shape other than growing extra fingers, and fingers upon fingers, which is a feast for the eyes I can tell ya. I did manage to change my reflection in the mirror though. That’s easy, and tons of fun!!

I can stay lucid easier than most people, in my first
LD, I don’t wake up in in the beginning, i just stay asleep. I am a pretty heavy sleeper, however, i Once tried summoning some gellotain, (Or jello, for short) by yelling “I want gellotain!” it didn’t work, so i think i am not good at summoning. however, that was the only time i tried, so i am not sure. :slide:

I have an easy time saving an unstable dream. In one instance I was able to keep from waking up even after all of my senses had faded 5 times in the same dream. And I was able to pull the dream back to the same spot. I can get the most unstable of dreams to last quite a while. Of course, keeping the dream from fading in the first place is another story.

When I’m in a particularly vivid, stable lucid dream, I am able to anything with ease; change the setting, fly, transform, maintain the dream, etc. That’s really the only thing that matters.

The real skill in lucid dreaming is learning how to chain your dreams, and how to plan your lucid dreams so they coincide with the best time in your REM cycle for really vivid dreams.

Besides that, another thing you should practice is just realizing that you are a God in lucid dreams, you make the rules. So if you can’t fly, blame yourself. Nothing should be hard to do in a lucid dream. Do you think that’s air your breathing?

What we believe is hard will be hard. Everyday-stuff that we know we can do are usually easy. Stuff like flying, shooting fireballs and teleporting are usually harder.

I agree. One thing I’ve been telling myself (and believing) is that anything is possible in a dream. Your capable to do anything you can imagine and much more. Will should be (or not) the only obstacle a dreamer has to overcome. If you have the power, hey, you got the power.

How do you guys teleport, when i lucid dream i want to know how to teleport and i want to know how you guys do it. Maybe make a machine or something

I teleport by imagining that I am on the place I want to go to and eventually I am there :cool:

The only “hard” things that I can do are teleporting and reading. I’ve only had to read twice, both times during reality checks. Readings actually easy if you focus. Teleporting is easy if you spin around and tell yourself where you will be when you stop.

I just spin around for a few seconds and when I stop I’m at the location I want to be at. Whatever you do, DO NOT just close your eyes and hope to open them at the location you want to be. You will wake up. I learned that the hard way.

Or maybe walking through a mirror and telling yourself where to go?