AP question...

From as long as I can remember I’ve had sleep paralysis. Every once in a while I have lucid dreams.

Now the newest thing thats happened… I’m not sure what it is.

I woke up once to find myself in sleep paralysis, but this time I tried my HARDEST to move, just to see if i could. Now the weird part is I finally was able to, but it felt like everything weighed a ton. I then started waving my hand in front of my eyes, but I didn’t see them. I FELT that they were directly in front of my eyes, but I just couldn’t see them. Then I got enough strength to sit up on the side of my bed… the thing was that once again, I FELT myself sitting up, I felt the bed, I felt the ground, but my vision did not change at all, I was still seeing what I originally saw when I first woke up. Then I tried standing but I just couldn’t there was too much pressure on me. Since my vision was static, I decided to check my surroundings with my arms. So I stuck one outward but was stopped by some weird feeling wall. It felt like a wall of guts… or organs. Something like that. There were also lots of random loud noises during this experience. Anyway, afterwards, I swung my arm around me to feel my circumference, but when my arm reach behind me, I felt someone grabbing my arm suddenly, and very intensely too. At this point, or perhaps earlier, I closed my eyes. I then felt the person swing my arm back, resulting in me spinning around. Now this is when I kind of don’t know what happened, because I ended up opening my eyes and I snapped out of the paralysis… but I can’t remember what happened to my ‘spirit’ after it was spun.

I believe what happened to me was either:
I dreamed that I had sleep paralysis, since it happens so often, it wouldn’t surprise me if I started dreaming of that state.

Or I DID have sleep paralysis, but it was mixed in with a dream. But if I was in my dream, then why would I feel my bed exactly where I would have expected in real life?

I don’t really believe it was an OBE, but I’ve read somewhere that a way to get an OBE is to move your spirit while in sleep paralysis, which is exactly what I had done. Though at the same time, I’m a bit skeptical on the whole OBE thing. I believe that it’s just a world VERY similar to our world that has been created in our mind. Like a lucid dream… except we believe that we’re dreaming in the real world.

Anyway… anyone want to shed some light of what happened to me? Could I possibly achieve an OBE if I attempt the same thing next time I have sleep paralysis?

I personally believe that u made ur first steps into the OBE world. did u see your body when u tried to move your spirit when u experienced SP? I think that u did have a short and simplified OBE from what u say, but it all depends on what u believe in.
Some people (like maybe u) believe that OBEs are just extremely real LDs or are just NDs. ME, i believe that OBEs are actually what they are defined to be, an Out of Body Experience.
Good Luck on your way to OBEs,
The Luciddator

Well, I’m not entirely sure what I believe about OBE’s but either way it sounds like an exciting experience.

But to answer your question, no I did not see my body while I tried to move. This is because I FELT myself moving, but my vision was static. Like my vision stayed where my real life eyes were looking. This has happened a few times where I can move my arm and wave it in front of my face, but I can’t see it.

This time though, I moved my entire body, including my head, BUT my vision was still stuck to my real eye’s vision.

So what is this? how do I get my vision to be seen with my astral eyes instead of my real body eyes?

Also, last night I had SP again, so I tried moving. This time, I felt my body slowly floating upwards. At the same time, I heard vacuum between my astral and real body. Like a vacuum in space, not a vacuum cleaner :content:. So I tried to speed it up by moving my head, but then I ended up moving my head in real life and my astral body went back down and I snapped out of sleep paralysis. This time, my vision was static again (at least I think it was) and when I say I was floating upwards, I mean I was SLOWLY floating upwards. I felt like I was only 3 or so inches away from my body, not like up to the ceiling or anything.

If these are OBE’s it really sucks that my vision does not accompany me.

Hello everybody! I know there is a great OBE big faq which I recommend everyone to read but I couldn’t find a good solid explanation of how to plainly induce an OBE (or Out-Of-Body-Experience). When I say plainly I mean a technique like WILD or
Now trust me OBEs take a very long time to master just like lucid dreams and you might have an OBE on your first try or you second year of trying; its always different for everyone.
I have studied OBEs for a pretty long time now and I think I have perfected a good basic induction technique which is pretty similar to WILD. So if you don’t like WILD, HI or HH then you probably wont like this induction technique.

1.) This is the step that probably everyone will expect to hear but it defiantly increases your chance of having an OBE.
Research You should bury your head in to as many OBE articles, faqs and books you can. Be sure you know what you’re dealing with, because OBEs can be tricky. Well regardless if you just skip this part, the next step should sound familiar if you are a fan of good old WILD.

2.) The best time to attempt an OBE induction is in the morning after you have already naturally woken up (WBTB).

3.) This is first step of WILD. You must relax yourself to the point that you cannot feel yourself anymore. One of the best ways to do this is to tense and then relax your muscles until you reach your head. This should be repeated as many times as it takes until you cannot feel your physical body anymore. If you can feel your muscles then you have to relax even further to continue on. You may have vibrations or sleep paralysis which makes this very easy.
NOTE: If you do regularly experience SP or vibrations skip to the lasts steps.

4.) Focus your mind. This is the most important step. Believe me. There are five main points to this step that all have to be mastered to move on to the next step.
Ideal state of mind:The easiest way to explain this is to not feel any emotions. If you see HI or HH then just feel as thats OK, or nice. You are not emotional. You are not analytical either. You are merely an observer.
Realism:This stage has to do with a degree of focus. You should learn to focus outside your body to such a degree that it all becomes real. Focus your mind into that single thread of consciousness.
Motion: The third point, motion, concerns the swaying motion you feel within your body. Start an inner “swaying” sensation in your imagination that later becomes quite real. Pretend that your body is gently swaying back and forth, or left to right in a regular motion. Try to make this swaying feeling as vivid as possible.
Receptivity: This receptive state of mind is important in calling or inducing the vibrations. You should learn to make yourself receptive to whatever comes during practice.
Passively Observe:The more passive you are, the easier it is to enter the OBE state. As long as you have a conscious “controlling interest” in your experience, you are too focused in this reality. Develop the attitude of doing the exercises, not because you are interested in watching them, but just for passive reasons: Just to see what happens next, or just for the sake of doing it. While practicing, you should only be concerned with the current moment in time. Be accepting of what comes. Try to assume an attitude where you really don’t care what will happen. Be completely in the present moment, with no thoughts of what will happen next.
5.) The fifth step is to wander on the edge of consciousness. To do this you must let yourself almost fall asleep, and right when you are about to catch yourself and remain awake. This is a pretty hard step that will sometimes cause you to fall asleep, so you may have some trouble to overcome it.
6.) The sixth and final step involves visualizing an object that will help you step out of your physical body and into an OBE. Next, visualize a small object, such as a small cube, about six feet directly in front of your face. Visualize this as clearly as you can. Don’t continue until you can see this object clearly in your mind’s eye.
Then begin to move the object back and forth so that it appears to come a little bit closer to you and then moves back to where it began. At first, visualize only a tiny amount of movement, as if the object is merely slowly swaying toward you and away from you.
Keep the object swaying constantly. Don’t let it stop moving. Keeping the object in motion will help to stabilize the image in your mind and give it more realism.
Slowly increase the distance the object sways. Keep swinging the image back and forth toward you, each time bringing it a bit closer to you. As you do this, the image may seem to become more real. Make sure your visualization has a sense of perspective and depth. Each time the object comes closer, it should look bigger. Each time the object pulls away, it should look smaller. Remember, you must also keep that passive, quiesced state of mind during the entire exercise.
Try to feel as if you are swaying in the opposite direction as the object. Imagine the object has a strong gravity which affects your swaying. As the object swings closer to you, you are pulled toward it. As it swings away from you, you sway back to your original position within your body.
As the object gets closer and closer with each swing, feel its gravity pull you more and more in its direction.
After the image becomes very vivid, when it swings close to you, “grab” onto the image with your mind. As the image swings away, your consciousness will follow it and will be consciously pulled away from your body.
At this point you will be out of your body. Then you can “let go” of that quiesced state of mind, expand your consciousness and you will be very wide awake and very alert. You are then free to explore the nonphysical world!
It is important to examine your consciousness during the experience to make sure that you are not dreaming. During the experience, ask yourself, “Is this really happening, or is it a dream?” After you return to your body recall how conscious you were during the experience.
Learning to leave your body is something that takes a lot of time, practice and patience. Don’t expect results over night. This chapter has a lot of information to absorb at once. You may spend several attempts just trying to remember all the subtleties involved. Some people don’t have any OBEs until they have spent years trying. And some people don’t get results because they try too hard; learn to let go. The good news is, the first OBE is the hardest. Once you’ve had an OBE, it’s easier to induce more.
Thank you for taking your time by reading this OBE faq. I wish you the best of luck in getting a genuine Out-of-Body-Experience!
Best Regards,
The Luciddator

Thanks for that faq, I’ll definitely give it a try tonight. One thing though, what should I be doing with eyes? I’m pretty sure I should keep them closed while imagining the object, but when should I be able to open my eyes?

Yes you should keep your eyes closed, but when you are pulled out of your body through your imagery you should (may be different for you) see your physical body and your eyes will already be opened.
The Luciddator

Can someone clarify if this was a OBE?
Ok so in about grade 1 I was standing in the corridor of my school next to some people. All I really remember is I saw someone (i assumed it was someone next to me) go over to my friend and pull on the strings of his jacket. I was confused when my friend asked ME “what was that for?”. I could have sworn it was someone else that did it but apparently it was me… it really freaked me out considering I was only in grade 1…
Was this some sort of OBE? I think I saw myself in 3rd person because it all went by really fast and blurry.

Most likely yes.

When reading my mother’s old books about Astral Projection and OBE there were a few stories of someone becoming a disembodied observer of their own actions when doing arbitrary things such as driving or monotonous, boring tasks and it would only last a few seconds.

If AP’s and OBE’s are real, could you enter somebody’s dream and have a shared dream?
Could you leave your physical body, and have your Astral-self (I don’t know what it is called :tongue:) go into another bedroom and enter into another person’s dream, or whatever?
You could first try it with a family member or a friend that lives in the same house as you.

I never had an OBE, and I don’t believe it that much. But, if it’s real, could it be possible?

But, this could be a way to have a SD very easily.

I suppose it depends on your view of what exactly dreams are.

If you believe that dreams are nothing more than a creation of ones subconscious mind then no, but it would also mean that SD’s are not possible either.

If you believe that dreams are created and ‘live’ in an ether-like realm or are connected into some kind of universal consciousness that with skill and practise we can enter into, then yes I could be possible. I wouldn’t want to say 100% either way, there’s so much we don’t know or understand.

Some people believe that it is possible to occupy someone’s body and dreams through an OBE but I dont really believe that. But I guess it could be done if your work hard enough (just don’t hurt yourself)
The Luciddator

From the folk lore I’ve heard it should be possible, but I’ve never had an OBE at night before so I’ve never tried it. I suppose you’d have to be well-practiced with OBEs to do so, or else you could slip into your own dream on accident. Also, if the OBE is short, you’d have to be pretty close to the target.

I think I had a OBE the other day.

I was lying in my bed, trying to go to sleep, I was going to do a WILD, the HI was already hitting, I heard speech, someone, who I think was supposed to be me, said

“I think that (Can’t remember the word) Is a higher form of awareness”

This spawned an idea, which is really hard to explain, but to me it’s a fool proof LD method. anyways, when I did this I felt myself rising up, I felt like I was in a strange place, then I tried to roll myself out of my bed in the dream, I managed to do this, but when I rolled off of the bed, my arms and legs were stuck in my body, I spent like 20 minutes pulling my arms and legs (Which seemed glowing and transperent) out of my body, which was laying in my bed, which was in a weird gray room.

When I got out of my body finaly, I felt fantastic, like never before, It felt like ultimate freedom. I was in a gray room with three floors, but none of them had a floor, they were just three levels. I was on the middle level, the bottom level seemed to go underground, and the top level roughly had a layout which could be applied to the upstairs of my house, the downstairs of my house is all basically one big room so that’s where I was. But this was confusing to me because I had though I slept in my room that night, I was thinking that I should be on the upper level, but I wasn’t.

I tried my hardest to make sure it was a dream, I tried the things that usualy make my LD’s spin out of control or make me wake up, but it didn’t work, I had no control over the environment, it was NOT part of my mind. the only dream power I had was flight, not even TK.

There was this large humanoid being, very muscular, very bulk, it was white, and it had long black hair which branched off into broad spikes. It told me that it was my body and mind and that it would keep me here. it was always by my side, I went exploring through rooms in the house (Which were different than my house but followed the same basic layout), and then when I decided that I wanted to wake up, I just merged back with it.

When I did finaly wake up I remembered that I did in fact sleep in the living room that night, so being on the middle floor was explained, but one thing I didn’t understand is that I was on the opposite end of the bed and facing the other way than when I went to sleep. I felt weird when I woke up, and I could still almost see the gray rooms overlayed on my house.

Astral projections are as real as you and me and the sun and the moon

I’m inclined to agree with you, but i don’t have evidence proving it wrong or right, but my view is that is just ‘‘a really good LD’’.
(i say this because of personal experiences)

Well I think I might have had a OBE / AP when I was completely awake…

Last night I had about 4, or 5 APs, in about 30 minutes. I had eaten some cheese, took 200mg. It must of been the cheese, but I did allso place three crystals on my window seal. Check it out. In one of my APs, I was looking for other people, but I couldnt find noone, so I came down, and talked to a tree. It sounded like a woman on the phone. She talked like she was at work, and told me… It was the wrong shift". I asked her to give me her name, and number, but all I got was 976. It was an enteresting night.

By the way have a happy new year

I tried to have an OBE. I was laying down on my bed and after a while I started to see things (something about the news on the tv :eh: ). Anyway, I started to feel vibrations and I began to feel really light, I felt as if I could lift into the air. Then…the phone rang :angry: . And the images in my head had disappeared, the vibrations left, and I didn’t feel so light anymore. I kinda felt disappointed. Next time though, I’ll remember to shut my bedroom door. :tongue:

I once kinda had an OBE/AP I dont really know wich of them but it felt far more vividly than the LDs I have had, it actually felt as if I really was awake floating over my body etc. I really dont know if it was an LD or if the “spirit” flew out of the body, but as I said, it felt as if it was real! :cool:

Ive been expeirencing ap and oobe alot lately…i wake up after about 6 hours of sleep almost every night…i then go 2 sleep with wild n end up in sp…sometimes i then go 2 lucid dreams but others i will roll myself out of my body going into ap…atleat i think its an ap…i move very slow…things are very vivid…i cant really talk…or see…and i hear about ppl talking about how they see this silver chord…i truly bleive it…but were do uc it at…is it like attatched 2 ur stomach…and is this only in ap or in both ap and oobe…and one more ? about the third eye…i heard while in ap u can c things that are really their…has anybody every experience this??
as of now im randomly typing words on my wordpad on my computer w/o lookin then i go 2 sleep.(my computer is in my room)…and when i wake up in the morning after about 6 hours…do a wbtb to a wild…to a sp…then to a ap then i will c if their are words on the wordpad and im hoping 2 wake up and look over to c the same lettes…well i hope some 1 helps or replies thx :grin:

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