Anybody here keep fish? I enjoy the hobby. I just set up a new 55, or I guess I’m in the process of setting it up.

that’s the current state of aquascaping. I plan to put on a black background and plant it with some low maintenance plants.

and those are my 5 cory cats. the one in the middle without a right eye is one eye jay. it looks like he survived a fight as a fry. he’s quite healthy now.

anyway just trying to see what we have in common besides LDing

sorry dude i’m not into fish

but, i do like dogs, weird al, halo, morrowind, game boy, unicycling, baseball, lord of the rings, rockets, guitar (mine is an acoustic takamine eg531sc), umm the bands i like besides weird al who is my all time fav are dc talk pod linkin park lynyrd skynyrd blackfoot (stevie ray vaughan)… the list goes on but yeah.

Sorry that i don’t like fish.

Oh yeah Almost forgot…() I LIKE GIRLS ()

How cute! :cool: I have an 40 l with spotted corys, and some fish I don’t know the English name of. We call them zebra fish. How did you manage to photograph through the glass? I can’t do that without getting a yellow anf blurry picture.

I believe we call the zebra fish zebra danios… brachydanio rerio is the latin name. To shoot through the glass I set the iso on my camera (Fugi finepix s2 with a 50mm f/1.4 nikkor lens mounted) to 1600, the aperture to 1.4 with aperture priority metering, no flash. I forgot the exposure time but I think the most important part when shooting through glass is no flash.

my other hobby is photography :content: some of my pictures are here

I also plan to get a school of 10-20 zebra danios to swim around my tank, in addition to a pair of wild-type angelfish and a pair of Kribensis. The fish you can’t see in the first picture are three swordtails and 4 black phantom tetras.

<edit #2>I like girls too :grin:

Cool. I love fish, but I’m way too cheap to buy a tank and I’d have no room for it anyway. That’s why I use a great active desktop program called Aqua Real. It’s very relaxing.

If anyone wants it, do a google search. I’d give link but I don’t know it.

What’s an angelfish? And I forgot to mention that i have leopard danios in a mixed school, with the zebrafish. :cool:

I love fish! :smile:

Nice setup Chico. I’ve had several aquariums in the past, but only have a betta fish now.
Mr. Fishy

I’ve had him for 2 years, and he is very healthy. :content: The large picture enlarges his “age” He really is healthy. :wink:

I think aquariums are nice to sleep around. The filter keeps the water moving and it sounds like a small waterfall or creek. :cool:

I love that sound! But the first week i had the aquarium in my room, I had to get up two times every night: to drink water, and to go to the bathroom!

Chico, those are great! I especially like your homepage and how the doorway lights up to enter. Very cool!

i wish that i had the money to buy a nice camera, i think it would be fun to get into photography. :cool_laugh:

Lol cute :slight_smile:

Here’s a small story:
4 Xmas couple of yrs ago i got a GoLd fishy. It was cute and fat lol. It was my 1st fish so i dint really knwo much about them or how to maintain them. So After couple of weeks after seeing that the fishbowl was always unclean even tho id wash it well…i decided to wash the fishbowl with…windex on teh in and outside. I did and i rinsed sooooOooOooo well and wiped off everything sOOOoosoooooo well and i put the fishy back in. The next day O_O…the water in the fishbowl was really white, and…the fishy was upsideown floating at the top :cry: . I flushed it down the toilet. Lol @ 1st i seriously didnt know y it died. Couple of months later i told this girl in my class what i did…and she told me that ‘obviously’ windex is sUpPOSed to stay on to any surface that u put it on otherwise windows wouldnt be as nice several days after washing them w/ windex. Well c…i didnt realize this when i actually sprayed the windex on. So… this is how my 1st fishy died…i murdered it! :eek:

Conclusion: Do NOT wash your fishtank/bowl with Windex…unless u want fish 4 supper/dinner!!!

Good luck w/ your fishies every1!!!

I think fish are awesome, but I doubt my mom would let me have them. Pretty sad :tongue: Another for the list of things I’ll do when I’ve moved out!

Looks like you’re well set up there! Show us a pic when you’ve got all of your fish in!

Pterophyllum Scalare. Here is a photo:

sno_isuli, Thanks, I’m glad you liked the pictures. The doorway becoming colored on mouseover came to me in a flash of brilliance. I love flashes of brilliance:P

I swear I pick the most expensive hobbies… photography, aquaria… working on cars…computers… jeez.

hehe anyway It’ll be a couple weeks before my local fish shop gets their next order in. I asked them to order me a pair of kribensis. They’re cute fish. the angelfish should be getting here thursday, so I might have pictures of them on saturday. in any case, when I get all the fish in and all the plants, I’ll post another picture. Maybe I’ll set up a webcam so you can all watch my tank form the other side of the globe:P

My friend has a cool aquarium with fish in different colors.

That would be so incredably cool! Do it!!! :cool_laugh:

yes it most certainly would!! :cool_laugh: ← that deserves a chico face :tongue: ← silly face it now more appropriate ← :uh:

After my unfortunate happen w/ my 1st fishy…ive decided to get another 1! :happy: Im excited hehe .When i get money and get the fish i take pics and show u guys :happy:

fish are so cool to watch in their little fishy world swimming around in fishy dramas.
i love fish tanks

Heh, I got my angelfish a while ago. 4, about half-dollar sized. for you non-US people, that’s about an inch and a half round, I think. which is about 3.75cm. anywho, they’re really smart fish. they’ll follow me back and forth along the length of the tank until I feed them, and fight over food… fun to watch.

Kat, before you get your fish, you might check out the forums over at those people there are really helpful, they helped me out a lot. They can be a little grouchy at times, but they tend to be stuck up BMW driving rich folk (the grouchy ones) the vast majority are nice and helpful though :content:

The angels, before they got used to their new home. They don’t hide anymore and their stripes and colors are much more vivid.

Thkx 4 the suggestion ChicoRaton :content:

Cute fishes btw :smile: