Are any religions against lucid dreaming or OBEs?

I was just wondering if having a lucid dream is against any religion. Or if attempting to have an OBE frowned upon by religion.

Dont think so, why should any religion be against OBEs or LDs? Maybe some sect of Christians, who believe its magic etc. :cheesy:

Yeah, I’m not much of a religious person truthfully, I was just thinking the other day that maybe some religions are against such practices. Thank though man.

In Christianity dreams form a central part, because they are frequently mentioned in the Bible.
However, there was a period (from about AD500 till the beginning of the 20th century) when the Catholic Church linked dreams with soothsaying and some superstitious ideas. Even the dreamanalysis of Freud and Jung did not inspire a change in the Church’s opinion. This change I believe came with the aid of some saints and Jesuits.
In other religions, dreams play a major role, especially in Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Tauism.
Perhaps there are indeed still some Christian sects who maintain the old opinion of the Catholic Church, but I hope not. How narrow-minded can one be?

I’ve met people who are christian and have an either sceptical or fearful attitude towards lucid dreaming. I dont blame the scepticism on their religion, but the fearfullness seems to be common among christians. Not all christians, but a lot. I think this comes from the translation of the bible by St Jerome. I think I’ve mentioned this before, when he was asked to translate the Bible to Latin by the Pope. He translated the Hebrew word for Witchcraft to mean observing dreams. You can see how this may have something to do with those views. But if you look in the bible, there are no mentions of LD or OBE being evil.

lucid dreams/obe’s are perfectly normal and even to try and induce them its not against any religion I’ve seen some amazing people in my life who have done amazing things obe’ing (such as doing exorcisms driving out demons from other peoples body attachments) mostly these people are of course hindu/budists very few are catholic (but there are some) because of course the catholic faith is missing that portion on the how-to’s and meditation and the mind over matter stuff psychology. It doesn’t take away from the catholic faith it just ads to it eastern practices that is in meditation and such.

as for the proper definition of witchcraft is taken from the New Testament from Jesus Christ which was written in Greek the word originally is Pharmakosis which is a pharmaceutical word it means in english from greek translation “Do not Drug a person” for your own intentions or another way of putting it Do not Brainwash someone for your own intentions in psychology the universal law and in christian law “you reap what you sow” so if you try mind control on another persons mind, you will end up going insane yourself. But even the smallest thing that has nothinig to do with mind control is applicable such as to lie to people and make them believe something that is not true just to rip them off money.

From what I have learned some religions think of OBE’s and possibly LD’s as dangerous. To have an OBE is to “visit other realms” and “converse with strange spirits.” The practice of “opening your third eye” is also thought of as dangerous. To “open” your third eye is to make you vulnerable to possession. An open third eye is like an open door for any spirit to walk through.

These are not my personal beliefs!
This has been discussed on the forum before and I remember some of the research I came across. I think the practice to LD can be the opposite of what they claim, dreams happen anyways so why not be aware. Instead of “Non-lucid” or asleep and passive.

Yeah, you sometimes even have lucid ones by accident. I dont know how anyone, after having one of these, could think of them as dangerous. Weird. Guess its not everyone’s cup of tea.

it can be dangerous only in some situations I believe, if you’re going to just observe then there is no harm done. If you plan do to things like exorcism and you’re not an expert I’d advice atleast work with a experience one just in case something happens to you the other guy can help you out of it and also I read in robert’s book astral dynamics don’t follow demons into spiritual realms they can trap you there. Til I even can achieve obe’s/lucid dreams frequently and stable wise then I wouldn’t even have to worry about those conditions, I think most people who lucid dream/obe have just some partial awareness not full awareness.

another thing wanted to mention I had a forced astral projection when I was a child I had an ear infectionwe went to the phamarcy with my mom to get the prescription eardrops, I collapsed on the floor (fainted) and was hovering at the corner of the roof of the pharmarcy looking down at me and seeing and hearing my mom screaming for help and also remembering seeing above my body being put into an ambulance. It goes to show many in these incidents or people who got into accidents or had severe trauma to the head had an out of body experience and definately that means something it means its normal thats what we will be doing when we pass away that is why probably so many people who can astral project/obe all the time are not afraid of death cause they know where they’re going to end up when they die.

I dunno about that.
It seems to me, from what happened to you, that its the stuff that causes accidental OBE’s that is dangerous, not the OBE’s themselves. (Collapsing on the floor. After all, you could have hit your head and got a concussion, that you be more harmful than an OBE for sure :smile: )
I think all that excorsism, demond stuff is rubbish, not to offend anyone. I see absolutly no harm in an OBE or LD. That demont stuff is exactly what religions pin on paranormal stuff which gets people thinking its dangerous in the first place.

I dunno josh I wouldn’t make conclusions about no such thing as demon stuff its true its important not to show any fear towards obe or the spirit beings in the astral realm but be an observer but to say demons can’t inflict harm possibly not true read from the experts robert bruce’s book astral dynamics you can read it for free from his website the treatise or his book astral dynamics you can buy there (I got mine cheaply from he says higher order demons have a lot of strength been around for centuries than a lower order ones so its mind at mind and the person or demon with the stronger mind is the one that will win are you to say your mind is stronger than all demons roaming the earth?

I’m not making any kind of conclusions, I’m just telling you what I believe.

there certainly are people in religious groups that think its bad, but you can not generalize and say all.

Yeah, generalizing stuff like that is a little premature, but then again, so is assuming OBE’s are evil, which not everyone does, like you said.
Anywho…I forgot what else I was gonna type.

obe’s are another special gift from God just like there are many gifts of God like psychic perception or prophecy, healing and of course obe’s.

I disagree. I think we have no one to thank for those but ourselves. They are a perfectly natural ability due to the working structure of the human mind.

Hi there - I’m a newbie to this excellent site… :cool_laugh: …and have become very interested in LD and keen to get to grips with it. I am a Christian and have been looking into the rights or wrongs of doing this as a Christian - and that’s how I stumbled on this thread. As a newbie, I probably shouldn’t start preaching, but just wanted to say that the amazing abilities that we have due to the ‘structure of the human mind’, didn’t come about by accident or some freak occurance during an evolution process. Such marvellously engineered wonders are due to being created by a creator that knew exactly what He was doing :smile:

As with other gifts from God, it depends on how we use them as to if they’re good or bad…

That’s probably me put on everyone’s ignore list now :wink:


i know a lot of people (religious or not) who are hesitant about lucid dreaming because they are afraid of what kind of person they will be in their dreams. i think Freud is mainly to blame for that: he gave us a picture of ourselves which is really popular today- that we all have a wild side that needs to be restrained.

i disagree with all that. i think it comes from very old philosophical ideas which tell us that each of us has a “true self” and parts of us that are false. maybe i have this view though because i don’t enjoy doing bad things in my dreams. i feel like i’m more or less the same person in my dreams.

by the way, I didn’t mean: Wake-Induced-Lucid-Dreaming… didn’t realize that would get capitalized automatically
:smile: ian