Are dreams the afterlife?


“The greatest conspiracy ever told — one third of your life is meaningless.”

Maybe there is a reason the dead look like the sleeping? If death is best described as loss of energy and the body shutting down — is that not exactly how you would describe getting tired? Maybe there is a reason the question, “How do you want to die?” Is always met with a silly “Duh huh Zack… obviously in my sleep.” Maybe there is a reason you don’t really know if you’re going to wake up tomorrow.

“If an atheist is to believe that dying is like going to sleep… then going to sleep is like dying. When x=apple then apple=x. That is to say, if science has concluded they are the same, why are we afraid of death but not a nap? Are you afraid of orange juice but not an orange Matt?”


Now just because I consider myself an expert in the field of dreams (shout out Kevin Costner) doesn’t mean I am one. Doesn’t mean you should believe me either. But if someone does in fact consider themselves a master of any specific domain — it would mean they are indeed worth a read (that rhymed)

[Short answer]

It is very possible that where we go when we dream is a peephole inside the door that the dead must walk through. My thesis is simple; good dreams are heaven, bad dreams are hell, and no dreams are purgatory.

[Long answer]

I have posted this many times on Quora, but it being the thesis for my upcoming book… I like as many viewers in my focus group as possible lol. Testing the delivery, testing the jokes, testing the verbiage, testing the length and comprehensibility.

When 1/3 of our lives have been labeled meaningless by today’s culture, something is very wrong. Live to be 90 and the human will sleep for almost 30 years on average. Wait? Wtf tho…

“The secret to life is… you die at night”

  • Good dreams are heaven
  • Bad dreams are hell
  • No dreams are purgatory (because you do not get any conscious lessons to work on — creating an odd level of cyclical stagnation in waking life)

“Bro! Zack you’re trippen. I can’t be dead I still have a heartbeat and I’m breathing ask my girlfriend Bethany.”

— Yes sir Matt, you have a billion of bodily functions going on… that only the awake or “living” are aware of. You are dead. Not them.

Or in a more Freudian and western sense, your dreams are your thought’s self organizing. Bad thoughts = bad dreams. Was your mom inside of a tornado in last night’s dream? You probably need to apologize for something right? Doubting people constantly respond with, “Zack we make up the meaning and self ascribe them to our dreams.” Sure sure. But why did you think that dream about a long line at Taco Bell represented how long it takes to digest that garbage? Why did you not think it represented something else like a vacation to Mexico you’ve been planning? Poor example but you get it lol. There is a reason you picked that meaning to settle on — arbitrary or not. To suggest that your brain uses such an immense amount of energy to create worlds that are so real they trick you, and it’s all for “no reason” we then need to consider one thing — you wouldn’t even build a sandcastle for no reason. It’s either for your niece, a completion, a bet, or because your bored. And boredom is still a solid af reason by definition lol.

To the culture who demands that dreaming is un real nonsense;

“Well dreams take up a real length of time and are a real amount of adventurous fun. They hold real insights that can for real be applied to real circumstances. Our brains try real hard to create them to such a real degree of visuals that we get confused without a real extensive training program in lucid dreaming.”

Is there a judging “God” at the end of your 85 year life cycle? Maybe. But there is sure a judging conscience that builds your worlds of lessons nightly. It is in my estimation that the integral step towards Lucid Dreaming is the cleansing of the subconscious. Every lesson you learn creates an open spot for a lucid adventure. This is an assumption that I enjoy working out pragmatically. It adds that spiritual component back into our western sense of dreaming. The idea that dreams are meant to not only be fun, but be helpful updates on waking life.

“Hey Timmy, good job standing up that bully from math class! Heres a bonus game — go build mountains or fly or talk to squirrels or something Tim Tim.”

And just to recap the scientific aspect; when even an atheist understands that there are insights within dreams, something so blatantly spiritual as self created dimensions with life updates, then you know we have found something. When science and spirituality can dance together on the same stage… now we’re on to real truth :slight_smile:


Over there… you create worlds at night so real that you struggle to tell the difference. Over here… you create life through sex and procreation. Build worlds and make life? You fit the literal Webster’s definition of a god.

Don’t like dreams as an example? Still want to shrug them off as silly rubbish? In most cases do you not choose what to wear, what to eat, where to live, what to do, what your favorite color might be, your career, and what to watch on Netflix — you built this reality too.

Never forget that when you sit in a chair, you are literally sitting in someone’s idea. Walking around the Apple store is again, literally stepping into Steve Jobs imagination. Welcome to wonderland — this is a dream of your making too.


Looking forward to the book! Will absolutely be an interesting read. Hope you post back here when it’s all said and done.

Hey thanks a lot! I’m working on 3 theories for essentially my entire life.

  1. Where we came from
  2. What earth actually is
  3. Dreams correlation to the afterlife

I would love to send you the thesis papers and get some feedback.

so cool

Very nice observations, I have been thinking like this for several years that every night is a small fragment of death and that waking is a fragment of resurrection, looking forward to read more about this thesis.

On the other hand, when you start living your life to the fullest and satisfied with what you already got no matter how little you got you also create new possibilities for the lucid life during the nights (RC time :wink: ) and that this physical world is a reflection of the dream world and vice versa.

Note that what I have written on this post is my observations and it is up to the readers of this post to try this for themselves if my observation is true or not :stuck_out_tongue: