Are fairys real?

If so, can someone tell me how i can see one? Cause i am very intrigued and interested in them. So please some one tell me to see them.

Most ‘Old Irish’ folk believe in them, so try reading up on Irish lore and legends, magick and stuff, maybe the momentum will carry over and you’ll meet one in a dream. Can’t guarantee it, but it’s worth a shot, no? Plus you could get a lucid or two out of it. It takes a lot for one of the fey to choose to appear to you in the waking world, and doing stuff because you just want to see them is likely to get you on their bad side. Legend has it though that they frequent playgrounds at night, though, if you want to try it.

Some people beleive in fairys, others don’t.
I couldn’t tell you straight up if they exist or not. Out of all the cryptozologic creatures (Bigfoot, loch-ness monster, UFO’s, El Chupacabras) Fairys are mentioned the least.
If you are interested in them…
Maybe google them on the internet?
Get some books on them from the library?
Quench your thirst for knowledge.

My niece (a preschooler at the time) once described to me the water fairies she’d seen; that’s good enough for me :happy:

I went to school with a guy who everyone said was a fairy.

Lol, I think that’s a bit different.

Yes. For the given value of real (meaning no. :tongue:)

It used to be more important that we understood the natural environment, at least felt like we could understand it, and that easily becomes anthropomorphizing-- literally “make into people”. People in the trees that bear us nutritious fruit and sweet flowers; people who are water and wind, receptive to flattery so that maybe they won’t destroy us… guardians of virtue, fate, or escapism into a carefree hedonistic world.

I’d say they are at least as real was we are, because they are aspects of us, in the sense of psychological projections. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out there was a parallel reality with independent intelligences that relate themselves to aspects of nature, either, y’know? :peek:

Either way, the way I got to seeing them was by getting into certain meditation techniques: void meditation for about 30 minutes nightly for 8 months (that’s how long it took for me to totally silence the discursive thoughts,) followed by focus meditation (specifically chakras-- more or less the same time allotted per session, but it took three months before my third eye area began to tickle, signifying that I’d channeled it), followed by OBE’s (this took a couple of years before succeeding.)

It should take less time depending on how quickly you reach the goal of each technique, and that’s different for everyone. The resulting change in perception doesn’t “screen” the forms so that you only see happy friendly fairies, though, so if you don’t want to put in all that time and dedication only to open your world to new (and therefore scary) stuff then that’s totally okay. Hope this helps!

I’ve always believed in fairies… though some people humoured me. My sister used to tell me (when I was very young) that she used to be the Queen of the fairies… :tongue: and that always made me smile.
Between the ages of 4-8 I used to set out tea parties for them, I used to put out tiny (and I mean TINY) cutlery and picnic items etc filled with ribena… :content: And in the morning I would find it covered in fairy dust and have a little letter written to me… I don’t care if it was my mum (their handwriting was suspiciously similar grins), but I like to think they new about it.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop believing in fairies and spirits. I know that they’re there, watching over nature and it’s inhabitants… there are plenty of books and articles about what you need to do to see fairies… just experiment. But I still maintain the best way to connect with them is get close to nature, and sit. Sit and listen and soak up their magic… :content:

Well, like I said in the -other- of these two posts, I, as well as those who are of the ‘Old Irish’, tend to believe in them. I agree with Tundra on that last paragraph. Sit and watch and listen.

Ive seen fairies, they come in fogs above plains and that. For me they are rare and I can just see their light. But I definately believe that there are fairies :content:

They don’t exist… you know why?

Nothing exists.

thanks everyone for your advice.

I read Faeries by Brian Froud…

Ever since then I wondered if they were real…

I think they are. ^^

I never thought of this…
Aliens,Bigfoot,Mutants,but never fairies…
You got me thinking…
I will tell you if i see one ^^
And,even tho kind of stupid…there’s a detergent named Fairy :tongue: