Are LDs really that fun?

I got excited when I heard about Lucid Dreaming because it just sounded like a dream (no pun intended) come true, because it’s the sort of thing I’ve always wanted to do. But, is it really all that great? Is it just as fun as if it happened in real life? Are you actually able to think during the dream like you are now? Because I’m thinking of it has just a dream but in control, and my dreams don’t seem that great because they were just dreams. It’s like I wasn’t even concious and the only thing I have of my dreams are memories.

Do you know what I’m talking about? Like there’s no point in having dreams because you just can’t enjoy the moment of it cuz you’re not really concious.

So is it the same as if it happened in real life? The only thing that makes me think otherwise to my theory is that people say to have “lucid” dreams you have to be aware and sort of concious, I think.

So those of you who have had lucid dreams, is it like what I’m saying, or are you able to actually savor the moments in your LDs?

It depends, I had 2 low level LDs in which, I knew it was a dream, but I didn’t do anything about it, or wanted to but couldnt. But in the rest of my LDs (most of them) it really was like RL, I had all my senses, and yes it was fantastic.
Anyway, I really think you should go for it and continue looking into LDs. Good luck! :wink:

yea i think they r great. Its just lik having a normal dream only ur fully aware of eerything thas goin on and uknow ur dreaming. u do think the same as if u were in real life only sumtimes because is such a great feeling that ur in a dream and u can do wutever u want u may not remember things u previousy planned out to do. unless u d sum likself hypnosis or continually tell urself ur gonna do such and such wen u have a lucid dream. for example i had a LD this morning. idunno wut time it was but the beggin or LD i was inside a building and i saw 2 people in lounge chairs by an indoor pool. I dunno y but i felt as if they were other real dreamers and they were into LDin and they werepossibly even from ths forum. This triggered my lucidity. So i went over to them and start tellin them that we were dreamin and i was lucid and they can be lucid too they just need to know they are dreamming and become conscience. and it worked i actually got them to me lucid. however i dunno if they were real people or just a coincidence that it was dream characters. But the point is i was able to think of and say all that stuff to them when i was lucid. just knowin i was dreamin and stuff. After thy became lucid thouh my dream started fadin and i began to wake up. but luckily im lik a pro at WILDin so i was able to fall back to sleep right away and get back into the same dream where i left off at. Onlywhen i got there the 2 people were already passin through a teleporting mirror.

I have had many natural LD’s before I found this site, and when I had them I was like “WOW I hope I do that again soon!” because you know its a dream but you feel conscious. You know you are completely safe and can try anything:
Make objects appear
Jump off a tall building
Jump up onto a tall building
Have sex with that elusive hot chick from down the block
Go snowboarding on the top of the greatest mountain… or on Mars
Run super fast
Beat up Saddam
You get the picture… the possibilities are literaly endless, but it seems like you are really there, so you are basicaly the god of your world for that period of time. You can even meet God if you want! Or Jimmi Hendrix or Albert Einstein, ohmygosh I am having fun thinking of things to do next time I have a LD. Good luck! :nodnodwinkwink:

Just like with anything else, they are what you make them really. And since you have can have absolute control over them they can be as fantastic as you can imagine.

I agree. Normal dreams should be exciting due to what happens in them but you are unable to enjoy any of it.

But a lucid dream is completely different, you can feel the muscles in your face contract as your brain tricks you in to believing that you are really laughing, because it doesn’t see how you couldn’t be.

This is how I explained it to my friends at school:

In a Non-Lucid Dream, “you” (your conciousness) takes on more of an observing role. The person in your dream that looks like you is kind of moving and acting on his own. “You” really have no control over him. Thats why you wake up in the morning and ask “why did I do that?” You dont know why because that person in your dream is acting mostly independant of “you”.

But in a Lucid Dream, “you” take on an active role. “You” actually become the guy that looks and acts like you in your dreams. “You” can actively control the actions and thoughts in your dream. After you wake up from an LD you never have to ask yourself “why did I do that” because you know exactly why you did it. You yourself decided what to do and think in the dream.

Although I, myself, have only had one LD, It was the most exciting dream of my entire life. Because I was doing, not just watching.

From the sound of it - you would undoubtedly make good use of your time in an LD. If someone is focused on enjoyment through diversion, then you will find opportunities to make that your reality. I’m more of a workaholic, so I use it as an opportunity to strive for specific goals & stretching certain boundaries. All depends on you :smile: