Are Lucid Dreams Addictive?

I found this site in a forum thread that I posted inquiring about “dreamless sleep”. Alot of people responded and someone stated that we all dream everytime we sleep even if we don’t remember any of it. They also included a link to this site, after I arrived here I began reading. My first thought was “Hey, this is pretty cool and I want to try it.” I later mentioned it to a friend and he said that he heard Lucid Dreaming was very addictive and that I should be really careful.

I really want to learn how to do this, but how do you draw the line? I recall having an almost Lucid dream where the devil was talking to me and I couldn’t move, I woke up with quite a start. That dream scared the hell out of me and I wasn’t able to go to sleep for at least a couple hours after that. This was probaly about a year and a half ago.

Lately I haven’t really had any dreams that I can remember. I started bothering me because I’ve always found dreams to be very inspiring. This seems like a wonderful chance to confront my fears and to find out more about myself, but I don’t want to become totaly addicted.

I’ve tried several times to remember my dreams, but to no avial. I don’t want my dream world to become more of a reality to me than normal life. I’ve read over most of the information on this site but I still am unable to remember even the sligthest of having a dream when I’m asleep.

I was just wondering if someone could give me some advice on remember my dreams and mabey explain just how adictive this is and if I should worry about becoming addicted. :smile:

You have nothing to worry about. The only thing that my love of dreaming has done negatively to me is that my friends make fun of me for always talking about my dreams. lol. Do not worry about becoming addicted. Lucind dreaming will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Believe me. And another benefit: once you have lucid dreams, you’ll be able to conquer your nightmares, such as the one where the devil was talking to you.

And about remembering your dreams, you should start a dream journal, in which you will record everything you remember before you do anything else. In fact, with this method, some people remember many dreams per night. I’m sure there’s loads of information about dream journals all over this site, so explore! And don’t be afraid of Lucid Dreaming!

i can certainly understand why it might be addictive. I mean they are great, but even if they are addictive what does it matter? While you are dreaming Lucid or Otherwise it makes you mentally healthier - that’s one of the reasons we dream (or so the science devision think)

The worst that could happen is you try and LD ever night, i doubt it could get to the stage where you don’t want to wake up. Many people would like to be able to LD every night.

// i wanted to ask about the dream journal, when i write to mine i find i never have the dreams again. I find this very sad, as many of my dreams i like - the ones i generally write down now are the ones that i find maybe some kind of sign, as once i have writen them down i am unlikely to have them again i just don’t with many dreams.

Does anyone else have (or had) this problem and have you been able to figure out a solution?

Thanks alot guys for the assuring responses. :happy:

were all a bunch of addicted junks, didnt ya know?

“The worst that could happen is you try and LD ever night, i doubt it could get to the stage where you don’t want to wake up. Many people would like to be able to LD every night.”

Thats not even bad. Stephen LaBerge HAD to try lucid dreaming every night during his studies for his PH.D. and when he was worried about having too much lucid dreams, he stopped seeing any until he realized that if he worries about it, they dont come. And he said that if you dont really want to have LD they probably come only a few times in a month.

I doubt you could get addicted to the extent where you try to enter a perpetual state of LDing. The need for social interaction and the fact that you’d probably become “homesick” for your own life (that is, unless you absolutely, positively hate your life to the point of suicide - no offense) would probably pull you out or cause you to LD less.

I’ve never heard of anyone having negative effects from dreaming, so don’t worry. We’re intended to dream, so you may as well enjoy it and get the most you can from it.

On an unrelated note, what did the devil look like in your dream? I’ve had a few encounters with the devil, but it never looks like the stereotypical red guy with the pointy tail and horns. It appears like a normal guy but I just ‘sense’ a huge evil presence. Hard to explain… but I’m interested to hear about your encounter.