Are multiple techniques detrimental?

i wonder if practising different techniques is good for the whole process or not, for example if i adjust my seeping circle in order to do WBTB and WILD, does the additional use of other techniques that require a totally different form of ritualization and way of thinking affect the work in a negative way?

it seems to me that concentrating on a little range of techniques is better because you concentrate your energy on those… but what are your experiences with that? is the addition of other techniqes (im definetiley talking about techniques, not things like keeping a DJ and stuff) helpful odr harmful for my goal of having LDs?

thx alot for your opinions

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Well, I guess some techniques might get in the way of others… Like, you can’t do chaining and FILD at the same time! But some techniques can go well together, like WBTB + MILD + WILD.

So you might want to focus on a specific technique, or a few. But I also think it’s very important to experiment with lots of techniques. You could try chaining a few nights or weaks and then try FILD, for example.

Not sure if I actually helped or just rambled… :shy:

I’m gonna have to agree with mattiasdavis. Some might get in the way but for the most part, you can mix and match various techniques without having a negative effect.

I do MILD before I sleep for a sure lucid dream. After waking during midsleep I then do WILD and hope I am successful.