Are OBEs Dangerous?

Hi, I’ve always been scared of OBEs so are they dangerous? :scared:


Hi! There have been many topics about this, and if you are really bothered you can look here at the BIG OBE topic.

Asking that question about OBE’s usually yields the same question as about HH. It’s as scary as you think it will be. A lot of people get excited or scared with the disconnect of their body, and end up snapping back. It is always best to remain calm and not expect anything bad to happen. I do not believe they are dangerous, though they can trick your mind into thinking they are. Again, just remain calm and remember you are in control. :content:

To me it seems very similar to a dream so no they are not in my opinion

I agree with the previous 2 posts, but to play devil’s advocate I’ll mention that some faiths have differing views on the risk of OBE’s.

As a kid I grew up in a pretty religious household, and my parents believed OBE’s were terribly dangerous. They believed that you really were leaving your body, which meant that anything “roaming around in the spiritual plane” would be able to jump into your body, or re-enter with you (leading to possession).

Similarly, some people believe you need to employ protection spells or request protection from spirit guides and whatnot.

While myself and many others on this site merely see OBE’s as something happening in the mind, how dangerous it will seem really depends on what you believe OBE’s are. If you believe it is a literal out of body experience with your consciousness or spirit/soul leaving your body, you’ll have to weigh that against your own personal beliefs to determine whether it’s a state you should be concerned about or not.

What I can tell you is that many people have had OBE’s with nothing negative happening to them - myself included :smile: It’s a pretty fun experience.

I believe that OBEs really do involve a conscious essence of the self that leaves the body. I also tend to believe that they are almost always entirely safe, if commonsense caution is used. It is natural to fear the unknown, of course, and I do believe it is possible to encounter unsavory entities in that realm, just as it is possible in the physical. I don’t think that any harm could come to a person physically in any direct sense from within an OBE. Rather, the harm might be more subtle or energetic, which then can have an effect on the physical. However, it seems more likely that approached with the right attitude, OBEs should be purely educational, enjoyable, and expansive. In other words, if you seek an OBE for an ego-driven purpose, you are much more likely to encounter negativity than if you approach the out of body realm with pure spiritual intent for growth or healing. Besides, it’s necessary to suspend any extra fear as much as possible if you intend to have them, as additional fear makes it very difficult to face the unknown!

Also, almost all of the literature and historical thinking pertaining to OBEs posits that we each leave our bodies on a regular basis, literally every night while we are dreaming. Due to my own personal experience I think that this is true. I know that I have successfully cleared lucid dreams away to find myself out-of-body, and I have also become aware at various points during OBEs that I did not initiate or direct! So as far as beings having the ability to possess our bodies simply because we are aware of a process that occurs naturally every night seems unlikely. The same goes for any harm that transfers to the physical realm.

Lastly, some people fear that they will get “stuck” and never be able to return to their bodies. I think that this fear is entirely unfounded. There is no way to prove whether or not it has happened before, but anyone who has had OBEs knows that it is way more difficult just to stay out. Your conscious mind has a hard time with the idea and wants very much for you to wake up, often in the middle of a great experience (and especially if you are overcome by fear!). By the time you are experienced enough to stay out for longer times, you probably won’t worry any more about being able to get back in. The body wants to wake up. It does it every day!

Good luck and happy travels to all. :smile: