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this morning after a long night i woke up at about ten and was really tireed so i tried to induce that WILD where you move your fingers until you feel like your asleep and then do a RC. ONly after about a minute a started hearing loud earthquake noises and sounds like waves crashing i realized i was asleep instantly and decided to try an oobe by rolling out of my body. When i did this my arms and legs seemed to be reluctant to leave my body but after pulling them out for a while i finally made it out and stod on my floor next to my bed. The only problem was i couldn’t see anything. It was completely pitch black. I tried to see if i could float around but i couldn’t, I would do a tiny jump and slowly float back down to the floor. When I tried to open my eyes i immediately saw my room and noticed i was in my bed so i shut them again. Soon after this I lost everything and woke up. I was wondering if there was anyway to easily open my "3rd’’ eye because I never got to see anything yet im positive i was out of my body. It was an awesome experience but I just wish i could have used my eyes

Last night I tried to leave my body via lucid dream. I saw a bright light & it felt like my astral body was rushing out of my head. (from behind my eyes) It was an odd sensation and I chickened out and went back into my dream. I am really surprised that that didn’t wake me up. :eh:

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some 1 plz tell me wut this is…i think as

i started falling asleep seen all blck then just my room. i riaised my arm and i could see it come out of my arm and whenever it came out AMAZINNNGG! vibrations…everwere…a high i cannot explain the best high u cna ever get … better than any drug…my body lifted out like ive heard of aps and oobe but then i wasnt at my bedside like ppl say my body or mind floated towards my closet real fast and i just layed there i then floated back 2 my bed n floated 2the side ( the amaazing vibrations were still going on this whole time) i looked at my celing and ive done acid be4 so that may be y i could do this…i dunoo…i need answers from this site.soem 1 help plz…but wut i see was far much better than any orgasm …better than sex…my ceiling in a bout foot by foot circle would swirl then colors would flunctuate around it like a huuuge raindrop…god…it was amaaaaazinnng…i then seen my door open and i could see thru my parents bedreoom window …i thought iwanna float thru there…i floated soooo fast in like 1 second thru the windo and it was beauuutifull lime green grass i was appporaching a pong and a seagulf was on my left…then i woke up. WTF was that!!! help ppl pl tell me …expereicnes…nehting

Hello people, I’m new at OBE. I tried OBE once, but I failed. But now, I am afraid. Maybe, when I’ll leave my body, I’ll find myself not in my room, but somewhere else. What do you think?

once i had a dream when i was little, i was at school and each one of the students had a number dot they was assigned durring P.E. that they had to do thier exersizes on. well i could see my self on my dot like if i was 100 feet in the air looking down on my self. all of a sudden a swarm of bats flew in and killed me . i could see my self lying there dead has anyone experienced this before?

i was wondering if you have you be in an ld first before obe or if you can just obe? also how would you go about obtaining obe while in an ld? thanks for any help.

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TBH wise muffin, I don’t believe most OBEs from the lucid state are genuine. Lucid dreaming comes hand in hand with the ability to dream anything you want, so attempting to OBE in an LD is likely to cause a dream that you think is an OBE, but in truth is no more than a lucid dream of an OBE experience.

TO answer the latter questions, OBE’s can be experienced without being lucid/asleep.

how would you go about doing this? i only see a lot of discussion on the topic never anyone just telling how its done.

If you search back in this topic there are a lot of suggestions on how to cause OBEs through dream.

As far as outside of dream/sleep I couldn’t tell you, the few I ever had were completely random acts that weren’t planned in any way.

i also always here that people see there arms and things coming out of their body, is this with the eyes of the body or the obe guy just in place of the body?

So… haven’t posted on the forums for a long time, but the other day or so, I believe I almost had an OOBE. I was napping, as I take usual naps in the afternoon, and woke up mid-nap, but didn’t open my eyes. Well that tumbling feeling you get when you’re going to sleep, I was too lazy to pay attention to that, and all of a sudden, I started to sink into my bed. It felt like I was sinking in quick sand and I could hear it very loudly. Like CCHHHHHHHHHHHH sound O.o. Immediately I knew what was going on and told myself not to panic, but I got too excited and woke up half way through my bed XD.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that was a really cool experience :smile:

Wow, last Saturday the strangest experience happened to me. Well first let me tell you what happened to me a few months ago.

My mom died, and I was feeling really depressed one morning when I woke up and was saying I wish I could just shed this body right here in bed. Next thing I know my body begins to go numb and I feel myself being pulled and like levitating above the bed while I was spinning. I was enjoying it till I was spinning too fast and I screamed out in my mind to let me go and I felt myself drop.

Now last Saturday I got up early and read my bible a bit and laid on my back. Now I found this site and realized that what I felt was possibly an OBE. So now I intended on doing it and imagined my body falling asleep as I kept my conscious awake. Now I kept falling into these dreams that I realize was a dream but that’s not what I was trying to accomplish so I’d pull myself out of it. I remember my body feeling numb except for my face because I remember being able to move my tongue. Suddenly I felt the same pulling sensation and instead of panicing I told myself “Let’s see where this goes.” and I allowed it and then I felt myself rocking side to side or like twisting. Then my torso began to pull upward, then my feet. Soon my astral body was floating/hanging upside down, but it was as if my astral body’s head was trapped in the physical head. This went on for a while with the twisting as if the astral body was trying to twist its way out. Then went on till it gave up and I felt myself drop back into my body.

The weird thing was I remember my face NOT being numb, I wonder if that’s why everything else was rising but my head, as if because it was still conscious it wasn’t able to separate? What do you guys think? Was it even a near OBE at all?

First off, welcome to the forum, and I’m sorry for your loss. :hugs:

I read your account a couple of times, and before I say anything else, I’d like to confess I’m a tad skeptical about OBEs in general. Nothing in your description stands out in the sense of making it clearly more than the kind of stuff some people experience (for instance) when they WILD, and it might be the case that it was, indeed, just that. There’s nothing in your description standing out in the sense of that being clearly an OBE: but on the other hand, there’s nothing there to prove it wasn’t. As I said, I tend to be skeptical about OBEs, so I’d probably go with the hypothesis that it was just some extreme form of hypnagogia.

Nevertheless, I should say it again: from what you describe, it could have been a legitimate OBE, and it’s eventually down to how you feel about it. Whether or not it was an OBE, it’s your call, yes? :wink:

Right, last night I experienced something weird and I’ve been wondering if it was an OBE or just LD. This font color is when I experienced it.

At around 5 a.m. I woke up and went to the bathroom then I went back to bed, but couldn’t go back to sleep because I was cold and it was uncomfortable. So I started thinking that I should get up and get an extra blanket. I got up and started looking through my sister’s clothes drawers when the idea that I might be dreaming hit me.
“Am I dreaming?” I asked myself.
“Yes you are,” I answered myself back.
Instantly I felt my body rush back to my actual body lying on my bed and I kind of woke up because I started experiencing SP and I had difficulty breathing.

So was that an OBE or just a LD?

I need help in having an OBE. I feel I got really close last night, but I was unable to give myself the final push out of my body. First I relaxed with yoga and enya music. Then, I got in bed and began to lose feeling in my body. At one point my body was shaking back and forth, like a siezure. Does anyone know what that is? :confused: Later my bed felt like it was inflating and was a giant balloon. I felt my arm lifting out and I thought it might be my astral body escaping, but it was my physical arm. :no: I got up went to the bathroom, and tried again.
This time my body went numb again, and I felt that my body was asleep, but my mind was wide awake. I pretty sure I reached the hypnagogic state that I read about. However, I tried a million different visualizations to escape my body. I tried rolling out, lifiting out, sinking into my bed, and exiting as a mist through my solar plexus. Eventually I gave up. It seems I am able to relax my body to the correct state, but does anyone have any ideas how to actually leave the body? I open to any ideas.

Believe me. Astral projection is waaay too differente of lucid dreaming. AP happens in a most especific way that only who experienced it can tell.
Anyway, I believe AP and LD are in kind of a connection. I mean, there’s AP’s you are really close to the physical reality enough to see your body on the bed, but there are AP’s in some other levels, that still happening the LD’s stuff, like appearing and happening things on its own.

It’s very strange, cause it seems to be the same thing LD and AP, but at the same time they are sooo different.

There are people that say in any of our dreams we are always out of body. This is something to be considered.

Fabricio, this topic is not about AP it is about OBE. While the differences maybe small, there are differences.

This OBE thread is mainly intended as a means to OBE through dreaming, hence why it is in a dreaming forum. If you wish to discuss AP you should check out one of the AP topics in Spiritual corner.

Well. Didn’ know there was a difference.
For me it’s the same thing.


Last night I had a dream about having an OOBE/LD. Lately I’ve been having a lot of False ld’s, but now I had a false OOBE!!! Also, my friend was in there, and I said to him, “Hey! Did you know that our brains are telepathicly communicating with each other?” meaning we had a shared dream. :bored: (I’m not sure if [in the dream] it was an OOBE or LD…)

I have a question. So if your astral body moves out of your earth-bound body.
And something happens to your astral body, like say, you were attacked by another astral traveler?:eek: would you die? :confused: