The BIG OBE topic [part IV]

You CANNOT die in the astral!!! :smile:

If your body feels the slightest disturbence it will jerk you back in your body, I believe.

Precisely. You cannot die during a hallucinatory experience.

Astral Projection is a novel concept, I just find it difficult to believe. Robert Monroe, aforementioned master OBE practitioner, merely describes to the letter a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream. I see no reason to attribute a supernatural element to a perfectly normal event. Occam’s Razor wins this round, I’m afraid.

Eh, I guess you’ll never know until you experience it for yourself.

I should know, Essa. I was into counterculture a few years ago; I believed in Chaos Magic, Psionics, Astral Experiences, and all of that other stuff until I realized that the only thing going on was confirmation bias and wishful thinking. There are perfectly scientific explanations to all of these things, and claiming that they are magical is logically superfluous.

I think that belief in these supernatural phenomena stems from a dissatisfaction with everyday life and the natural human urge to hope that there is something “more” to our existence. I’m not claiming that everyone who encounters supposed supernatural phenomena is a victim of existential dread, I’m merely implying that when people are bored with their lives they tend to “embellish” the truth.

Whereas a rational person would point out air convection or static electricity as a logical reason for a piece of paper on a stick to rotate, a person who already holds the unflinching conviction that psychic powers are real will say “OMG LEWK I MOVED A PSIWHEEL”. It’s a matter of confirmation bias. I was guilty of this as well, believe me. I just want to take the liberty to point out that there is a peculiar lack of evidence for any supernatural phenomena whatsoever. Look at James Randi’s Challenge.

I had no intention of derailing this topic, I just wanted to share my experience.

Ehh, thats true, I suppose. I find myself very…hard to believe in certain things, like certain paranormal things are rubbish. However I still like to believe there is something more we haven’t fully explored yet. I dunno, it’s hard to explain. THough you do make some valid points, my friend.

Thats good to know-I can’t die in astral travel.
I just wanted to make sure before i started trying. Because if there was a risk of me dying… :eek: I wouldn’t want to try it.

We all want to believe. How badass would it be if we could travel to alternate dimensions like in Astral Travel, or move things with our minds with Psionics? Life isn’t Dungeons and Dragons, I’m afraid. (I shouldn’t have used Luck as my Dump Stat.)

Anyway, I certainly agree that we’ve an incomprehensibly small amount of knowledge about the universe. Anything is possible in the vast, unexplored reaches of space. I know it sounds like I’m romanticizing the Fermi Paradox, but it’s true. :tongue:

No, you won’t die. But look on the bright side: If you did die you would prove Astral Travel is real to the rest of us.

Um…how would he prove it if he died? lmao…unless he came back to haunt our butts for saying he wouldn’t die! :tongue:

In all seriousness, you will not die!

Yeah, sorry if I scared you, Yamyam. I was just attempting to fill my bad humor quota for today. Really, you won’t die.

[size=59]So this is what I get for being optimistic about the situation.[/size]

aw, pats Genkai’s back Don’t worry, Yamyam if you want to try go right ahead and I guarntee you won’t die. If you ever need help looking for some techniques just ask and I can point you in the right direction! :content:

The sensation of blood rushing to the head, or alot of pressure while trying to AP is acutally your third eye trying to activate. Thats my conclusion, and ive read alot about the third eye and all that, because it use to and still does happen to me when im trying to AP. Sometimes on top of the horrible pain in the middle of my forehead, and the feeling like its about to pop, i also become really dizzy… :bored: Im not sure of any way to actually solve that though.

That’s interesting, thanks for the information!

hi, i’m interested in this but no one is really telling me how to go about doing it.
do you meditate or something?
or are there tech’s like LD’s?

any help appreciated.

I highly suggest checking out this site…

They have tons of tips and aided me greatly.

Hope it helps!!

hey idk if this is an OBE but it was really wierd i did a WBTB and when i went back to bed after a few seconds i felt like i was shaking my knee up and down it felt so real i thought i was
is this an OBE?

Not necessarily but it probably was partly…like sometimes when im trying to astral project i can only get my hands out and i cant move my “astral hands” but nothing else…maybe that was your case except with your knee.

an OBE is an etheric/energetic projection thus meaning you traveling in your etheric body in the place which is referred to as The Real Time Zone, you will perceive with your etheric senses a reality which is very close to the physical one. In that state you can travel to any place you know in the physical world and you will be there and see whats going on, you will not be experiencing the exact physical reality but a very close copy of it. You are a “ghost” in that state (ghosts are people who “died” and stay in their etheric body for many various reasons), you will not be able to communicate with people (unless they are clairvoyant or have other psychic abilities), although dogs and other animals may feel your presence.

wow thats cool i think i was about to have one but lost control

OBE s are definitely cool!
never tried to had one yet, gonna try it soon enough, I want to visit the dark side of the moon.

i don’t believe in an astral plane or any of that.
so does that make any attempt to OBE useless?