its the 6th or 7th time i had a lucid dream. i had one that was really really vivid and the others weren’t that much. the last lucid dream i had that was today! i struggled to separate, but before i did i started hearing lots of voices like 1000 people talking together it was really irritating. then after i flew out of the window my vision was blurred i could only see out of a tiny whole out of the corner of my eye, so i imagined that i had full eyes to see with it worked. i flew out then like a little while later i saw a grim reaper like figure in my room, but it was in 2d it had no features it was only black with like opacity close to 50% ( if you want to talk photoshop). and it was like a classic ghost figure that a 5 year old would draw in 3rd grade, but it was tall and skinny and the his end was zigzagged and he was in 2d and thin. once i saw it a freaked the hell out i felt really really scared. so scared i cant describe it so i willed my self to wake up but it was a little hard at first so the fear intensified but i did wake up with a massive headache. wth was that :razz: thank you ?? any idea?

btw i found it really easy to lucid dream when i am really really tired and i lie down on the bed with the intention not to fall asleep and get up from bed!

Sounds like a lucid nightmare. Not sure what else to say about it. LN wouldn’t be one of our defined terms if it didn’t happen sometimes, I guess…

Hmm… a LN (didn’t knew that acronym). Fear in a LD is more intense than in a ND.

What kind of an answer do you want anyways !? Are you talking about your dream or about your headache ? Plus, I really think you could guess a much better answer yourself.

Don’t mistake that with a reason to argue with me, but really… it was a simple LN which you’ll get over with in time. You’ll find a way to be “immune” to lucid LN’s and use future ND-nightmares to become lucid. Furthermore, headaches can occur when waking up brutally - like you did from that nightmare. Usually they happen when being woken up suddenly, but self-waking up counts too.

That would be all :meh:.

well not going to argue! thanks for the replies. i posted to tell my experience and see if somebody had a similar experience since this whole website is about LD and you guys frequently have them. i was worried about the headache i thought that it wasn’t normal. thanks for the reply :smile: one more question what is the difference between an obe and lucid dreaming ? thank u

Here’s a BIG topic on OBEs if you’d like. There’s some discussions there on them, and not everyone has the same view on OBEs and LDs, but in this topic and the Beyond Dreaming subforum I’m sure you’ll find something that piques your interest! :content:

I’m not sure, but I believe an OBE is some sort of extra-quick and effective WILD (OBE’s happen only, or at least most of the time, through WILD). A LD is simply a dream. You can get an OBE through WILD but you also can get a LD. You can choose your path by either following the SP (which will result into a LD) or try to “break” out of your body (thus having an OBE).

For more info try the search button and search this site, join the chat and ask there or watch Nick Newport’s OBE-how-to videos aviable on YouTube.

Good luck ! :smile: