Are OBE's in real time?

If I was able to successfully OBE, would I be able to travel to different areas and would they be in real time? For example, if someone did something when I was in an OBE, would the concequence of that action be real even when I wake up?

Yes and no, and maybe? It depends what you believe and call an OBE.

OBE is just an EXPERIENCE of being outside of your body, just like a simulation can give you the experience of killing zombies. If this is how you think of an OBE, then it may happen in real time (ie 1 hour to you is 1 hour to the real world), but any consequences will be purely in your head, like a dream. If you truly believe you are traveling to another place and its not just a simulation of sorts. Then yes, you could quite possibly see something happen that is happening in REAL time.

Ive seen things in my OBE that were there in real life. Like I once had one in my dorm, and I saw a jacket lying across a chair in the lunch room, and when I went down stairs I saw the same jacket. I just wonder if its possible to make contact with someone while out. Ive tried it many times. Getting in there face, and shouting, but it never works. Has anyone ever done it?

No. Robert Monroe said that he lived 100 years in an OBE, while just 2 hours went by IRL.

Yes, it is real time. Out of body experiences or astral travel as it is also called are simply when your spirit leaves your physical body. You can visit the astral realm or you can stay and explore the physical world. Lucid dreaming or just regular dreaming is in your mind. Astral travel and lucid dreaming are not the same.

Some scientists and spiritualists argue on this, scientists say that its a hallucination, while people who are more spiritual than scientific oriented say its your spirit leaving your body, but scientists have some evidence after all. You DMT center in the brain activates while you OBE, and DMT is a strong hallucinogen (Google it!).
On the other hand, spiritual oriented people say DMT is where your soul is based in your body, if it is activated, your soul leaves your body (DMT also activates a few seconds before you die).

We come to the conclusion that it all comes down to what you believe in and what you want to believe in.

But the fact is that OBE’s are not in real time, because like I said, Robert Monroe reported having a OBE which lasted 100 years, while it all happened in two hours in reality. And it was not a LD, it was an OBE.

But I read somewhere (I’ll have to find it) that there was a scientific study on OBE’s.
And the OBE’ers were able to recall numbers hidden out of sight in a lab.

Give link. It would be a nice idea to study if the man behind the website is a real scientist, and that its not just an urban legend.

I’ll try to dig it up, but it would take a while, due to the fact that I read it a few years ago.