Are OOBEs dangerous?

When I talked about lucid dreaming with my mom and I mentioned OOBEs, she said I shouldn’t do that, because it’s dangerous and malicious/evil spirits can take advantage if you’re experiencing one, that is, manually.

Now, I’m not someone who just believes stuff without trying it (unless it’s obvious), but what if my mom IS right and something goes wrong when I have an OOBE, you know? I like to try stuff, but it has to be safe.

So, I’m asking you guys :smile: Is an OOBE safe or not?

Edit: Whoopsie, I wrote ‘snot’ instead of ‘not’.

OOBE is completely safe, nothing can harm you.

My mother has been OBEing and AP all her life with not one bad experience.

I’m just going to go by rational thought but from what I hear it’s fairly safe. Of course, that doesn’t mean something couldn’t go wrong but I think it’s similar to the-celing-could-fall-on-your-head-while-sleep theory.

Possible. Not likley.

Plenty of people have these fears, and I’m with Mohegan that they’re completely safe. I’ve been doing plenty of my own research on OBE, and every source told me that there is no possible way to become possessed during an OBE. There also have been no documented evidence of this ever happening. From what I’ve heard, your projectable double travels outside of your body every night, during you sleep. Have you ever been possessed then?

I’m not superstitious at all and I don’t believe in god and all, I’m a man of science :smile: If I don’t understand why something happens I search it up and nearly always find an explanation. So to be blunt, mind my language: spirits possessing your body sounds like a lot of crap to me, it’s just not possible. Is your mother superstitious, religious?

I actually don’t believe in being possessed or exorsism, those people are just crazy and so conviced of that fact, that they start to act to it.

My mom is into the spiritual.

Anyway, okay. So it’s safe. But now I’m wondering, how will I wake up? Do I need to return to my body manually? Like, what if I decide to go for a walk and I end up way somewhere else and I get lost?


I don’t think I’ve ever been possessed :razz: :eh:

I dont think its dangerous unless you do an astral projection through meditation. I think if you have one through dreams it would be like viewing whats outside, and if you do it through meditation, it would be because you are prepared and you know what you are getting yourself into. That is, what I believe right now, unless I experience something different.

First of all, as for me I believe that OBE’s are LD’s. But that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, there are no “technical” differences between a OBE and a LD. You wake up when you wake up. You don’t need to return to your body “manually”: either you lose lucidity and continue to sleep and have a ND, or you wake up after your OBE, like you would do in a LD. And of course you can’t get lost. Astralists explain this cause your physical body and your astral body are linked and your astral body returns in your physical body when you wake up. Of course, if you believe that OBE’s are lucid dreams, it’s simpler to explain. :wink:

Ahh, I see. Thanks for explaining :content:

From my reasurch (I havent formed my own opinion yet) what you do and what happens in an OBE is controled by thought, like if your afraid of some melovolent spirit your fear will manifest itself, but it cant hurt you, only try and scare you, wich too strong of an emotion can jolt you out of it. and if you focus an going back to your body you will.

I have question that has always nagged me about OOBEs.

Do you really leave your body, and walk can walk/float around in the real world? Can you go around and see people in different rooms and houses?

Or is the whole thing in your mind?

In my opinion, it’s just a lucid dream that starts off where you went to sleep, you’ve got all the powers of a LD.

Not necessarily,… It depends what kind of OBE you have first of all, and generally you can do more in an OBE compared to what you can do in a lucid dream.

Some people believe it’s just a lucid dream (and it’s all in your mind), some people that your consciousness really leaves your body. This belief is explained by some very rare experiences in which people have got information they didn’t know before.

It’s said that if you want to return to your body, think of your toes. :wink:

Being alive is dangerous.
You should have no more reason to not have out of body experiences than you should for crossing through a cross-walk.

Both are a part of the humans natural abilities.

I completely agree with what was said above. Everything in life has some ‘Danger’ to it. Just like walking down the street is just as dangerous as sky diving (with experience of course). But anywho, you really have nothing to worry about, OOBE’s shouldn’t be dangerous one bit, since you’re in the comfort of your own bed ^^

Think of it this way, you have a much more likely chance that a killer monkey flies into your window and shoots you with a machine gun, than evil spirits taking over your soul. Or whatever you might be afraid of :wink: