are reality checks and recall enough?

hi! sorry about all the questions. i am actually in school right now so i’ll make this quick.

the question just struck me. for pretty much all year, i’ve been dedicated to dream recall and reality checks, but never really any methods. i fell off about a month ago due to school, but now i’ve started up again.

is just doing these two things enough to achieve lucidity? or are methods like WILD or MILD or WBTB a necessity? is it required that i try these things too?


It’s simple.

If doing RC and keeping good DR is giving you LDs then it’s enough, if it doesn’t techniques might come handy…

that is simple. hah!

thanks, FTS, for your assistance, as easy as it was to give.

alright, so i guess i’ll stick with this DR and RC for a few weeks, just to get myself stabilized, and then start on a technique.

anybody have any ideas as to which technique i should pick, seeing as i have got to get up at a set time five days a week? is there a technique most suited for people with early schedules?

I don’t think its possible to lucid dream without a WBTB based on the science of sleep cycles. You need REM to dream. (So i’m told.)

I think you have to take into account your lifestyle. Some people say some tech is hard compared to some other tech. For example, WILD is seen as more difficult than DILD. But it’s different for every person based on their lifestyle and commitments.

I like to try DILD as a last resort it for some reason I can’t WILD (distractions, time etc).

If you boost your DR then you’re meant to have a spontaneous DILD once the RC becomes second nature and embedded in your subconscious. I haven’t had a lucid dream yet but i’ve only been at it a week,

To recap, I try to WILD in the morning/middle of the night. If it doesn’t work I try to fall back on DILD, if able.

What type of RC are you doing?

the RC that i do is to hold my nose and see if i can breathe through it. if yes, then i’m dreaming. if not, i’m awake.

i also count my fingers and see if my hands look normal as a kind of “secondary” reality check.

You use the same reality checks as I do :smile:
Some times I hold my nose in a dream and then I can’t breath same as IRL.
Then I thinked This is anyway a dream. I want to breath. I hold my nose again and this time I can breath and I have a LD.

I use a combination of DR + RC + tying RCs to a trigger, such as a certain color or type of furniture.

You can also use ADA (All Day Awareness): … reness-dil d-tutorial-kingyoshi.html

I use this combination:
RC+DJ+ADA+Sometimes MILD
WILD still fails