Are there any other Rubik's fanatics here?

I’ve had my cube for over a year now, and I kept getting better and better at it. When I first started timing myself, I had an average of about 2:30. My record’s currently 45 sec. The only people who are impressed are the people who’ve never seen a Rubik’s cube before, and the people I know who do speedcubing that get way faster times than me. I’m getting faster though. :smile:

Are there any other people into speedcubing here?

I’m not into speed cubing but I am very much fond of the rubik’s cube.

I haven’t picked up one in quite a while so It’ll probably take me some time to even do it :lol:

A couple of years ago, I ran into a 4X4 cube, that was a good one ! ^^

Took me a lot of time to crack , completely different from the classic one.

I’ve never solved a rubik’s cube in my life… :tongue:

I used to be in it.
Average time is 1:30, using the n00biest method EVAR.

Heh…my friend has one…
We took the stickers off and put them in order :tongue:

When you do that, the stickers don’t stay on as well after wards. It’s easier to take it apart. Turn one layer 45 degrees, then pull on an edge peice. It probablt will have trouble coming out if your cube hasn’t been lubed recently though.

Acually,we didn’t have problems with the stickers…
They glued back on perfectly.

I have just started but my cube came apart. (It’s teh crapz).

I almost finished it and there was one corner left to turn around but I couldnt get it. Do you think my cube was put back together wrong? Is that even possible?

Meanwhile if you’re awesome at the cube maybe you should try Sudokube:

That’s…err…pretty complicated…
Mabye i’ll try one someday :tongue:

I have yet to buy one of those. My budget is a little limited… most of the cubes I have were bought for me.

/me likes sudoku, but this looks beyond his knowledge :cry:

Have you made that sudocube self? I havent seen any cube like that, had been fun to test :wink:

No I didn’t make it, you can buy them off the net (search ‘sudokube’).

Do you know if they sell the stickers by themselves?

Haha no idea, BUT you could probably buy blank white stickers (from a newsagents or stationary store) and write the numbers on them.

I found something you might want to see.

Tomothy, Im quite sure a cube can be put back in a wrong way…

Where did you get that Pridak ?!?!

I trained speedcubing for some time and achieved 22.56 s :smile: But now I’m not into it as much as then, so I guess my times would be now well over 30 s.

And do you know this?
I managed to complete one ‘side’ of this :happy:

I’ve been speedcubing for about 8 months, and average 40 seconds. I don’t tend to just focus on the 3x3 cube, I have about 30 different puzzles (including a few custom-built puzzles) that I solve.
Average times:
2x2x2 : ~10 seconds
4x4x4 : ~3 minutes
5x5x5: ~7 minutes
Megaminx (the 12-sided one someone posted a picture of earlier) : ~5 minutes

Edit: Imagine trying to solve this

What’s your method?

I use the Fridrich Method.