Are there things you should NOT do in a Lucid Dream?

Like, are there things that if you do them in a LD they have a good chance of waking you up? Or maybe there are things someone new to LDs shouldn’t do because they may wake up or go into a ND because of low dream stability?

Thanks in advance :smile:

Closing your eyes is a bad idea that causes loss of lucidity. Don’t do it unless you’re practicing teleporting (which there are plenty more ways to do so anyway).

Don’t say “I hope i don’t get stabbed in the skull with a hot screw driver” or it will happen and it will probably hurt


I would say dont get bored! :grin:

But ehm closing your eyes…because that easely can wake you up for real if u do that for to long.
And dont get over excited! Try to stay calm!

I agree, don’t close your eyes too long.

Also, don’t give up. Don’t assume the dream is over just because it is fading out. Odds are, another dream is just around the corner and if you “give up” your lucidity, you will have a non-lucid dream.

Another piece of advice I would give is not to rush things. Try to relax and believe that there is no time-limit for the dream, no need to hurry.

Don’t start thinking about waking life… Especially in the beginning this may lead to separation from the dream situation so you wake up prematurely.

Keep your emotions under control (very hard sometimes I know :smile: ). Don’t let the adrenalin spoil it all.

If you become lucid in the middle of a nightmare, don’t start wishing you wake up. A lucid nightmare is the perfect laboratory to study the effects of different approaches on your dream enemies: attack them, ignore them, or talk to them and ask about their motives.

=> Don’t have a lot of down time in your dream. You want to stay engaged in the dream as much as possible. If you don’t you can loose lucidity or wake up. In other words don’t let this happen: You become lucid then spend a lot of time trying to think of what to do.

Plan your lucid dream a head of time to avoid this. If however, you find your self in this position jump in the air right away and start flying. Keep flying until you decide what you want to do. Worked for me when I first started.

=> As was mentioned don’t close your eyes !!! If you accidentally do, don’t open them again. Instead try to see through your eye lids. That should prevent you from waking up.

sounds like some of my LD’s. It’s difficult to think clearly at the time so like milod789 said, it helps if you plan it first. I wrote a list of things I wanted to do in an LD e.g. walking through walls, flying, teleportation etc. I really need to look at that list again.

If the lucidity is low I find it’s best not to move too fast. I ran down the stairs once, the moment I realised I was dreaming and it nearly woke me up.

Yes whispa a so called To Do list for lds is important…keep in mind what u got on number one and stick to it when u have a ld.

Really saves time and helps lding :cool:

Do not listen to all that the DCs tell you, this will often make you lose lucidity. Don’t think of DCs as normal people while in the LD, think of them as part of the scenery.

Similar to what milod789 already said:

Don’t stand still on one spot for too long, because this way you will loose contact with the dream. Hence, regularly touching a dream object will increase the stability of the dream.

I listen to my DC’s when they tell me legends, I often do mangas of them instead of a dream journal :tongue:

I keep doing this, especially when they’re people I know well

Just to add to the don’t close your eyes for too long… When you are awake and you close your eyes you risk falling asleep, yet when you’re asleep and close your eyes opening them risks waking you up.

Makes you wonder which reality is the correct one :wink:

Hehe havent been to these forums in a while :grin:

Yeah, DC’s. Something that happens to me far too often is my stability recieving a great if-not-fatal blow from naught but a glance from a DC indicating that i may not in fact be dreaming and that it is IRL and i am making a fool of myself. However, it is probably because i personally consider my DC’s to be fairly important (representatives of my subconscious) and so dont want to give my sub-c the wrong message by treating them as less-than-real.

Eyes, yeah. Opening and closing your eyes, at least in my experience, isnt a very good thing. Then again, i would say that you shouldnt worry about opening your eyes IRL unless your dream stability just hit the fan and youre near waking. Never has opening/closing my eyes in a stable, high-lucid dream woken me up, but it has finished off many a fading dream.

On a similar note, dont look at like a huge, massively detailed landscape. Try to keep your eyes on things that are nearby, because looking off to the distance (at least for me) seems to overload me. Its probably due to my inexperience, for it is quite intense and awe-inspiring to say, look out to the ground at 4 kilometers up, or to look out over a huge, bustling Winco Foods store from standing atop an aisle. :tongue: Its as if you were close to EVERYTHING and taking in the detail, all at once. Interesting…

Dont get discouraged if something you try does not work in the dream. Always try to think ‘ah well i midas well make the best of what i got’ and maybe go down a step in your ‘to-do list’ leaving the top one for a more opportune time.

Dont get afraid if it seems like something really, really bad is going to happen to you. Like say, falling back down to earth at 1K Km per hour after suddenly finding out mid-air thanks to dream “logic” that you cant fly too well anymore. Basically i am referring to points of impact - bullets, speeding cars, speeding walls seen from within a car, speeding ground, etc. :tongue:

Try not to get too terribly into something. Like say, a rock concert. I once had a dream that at one point i found myself in a concert, i started to rock out, hehe, and then when i noticed stability wavering i teleported outta there - into the audience, and i ended up rocking out again and into unremembered ND. :tongue:

Basically, a general rule is to try to keep an eye out for when your dream stability or lucidity wavers. If you can do that, you have the opportunity to try to catch and stop actions/events in their midst before you wake/lose lucidity completely.