Are There Two People Here That......

can have OOBEs at wil, as in every night if they chose to do so. Im sure this has been done before but i didnt see it so here you go. Pick a common place that we’ve all seen, (ike in front of the white house or something) and meet there in an OOBE, ive read about peoples astral bodies meeting and id like to see what would happen if both of you could post here your conversaition, what the other person looked like, if you went anywhere else etc. id like to see how/if they match up…just an idea from a dreadlocked kid.

It has a lot of stuff about what’s possible in the astral realm and experiments are being done all the time. I’m sure that’s been done before so maybe you could check the results or start a whole new board.

Yeah I know of some people…why?

Even if I could, you have to live close to eachother:

  1. If you “warp” to the white house, there’s a chance you warp into a dreamworld with the white house.

  2. If you fly, and you can do that at incredible speed, (Robert bruce suggested youi go in space, and above your target and then go down, or elke you get like dizzy or something, i dunno), then you have to have an OBE long enough to reach your target, before it becomes a lucid dream (not in te real-time-zone anymore, because you don’t concentrate enough, and you’ll be making things up)


Cough Etheric Cough

Just etheric project, project in your energy body to the physical plain, because at times their is a like 89% chance that your just having a lucid dream. Never done this, but got very close :tongue:


It takes a lot of skill to be able to do this, and for those who are able to stay in the real time zone and use orbit for distant travel properly, then looking for someone they don’t know, all at the exact same time, and remember it all accurately…well I think those people and their abilities have much more interesting things to do than give scheptics something to argue against

I must say that this topic reminds me alot of the US. Project Stargate back in the 70’s lol.

Check out the ‘earth dreamers’ forum… just click the link at

There are a number of different ‘dream teams’ working on projects such as this, or dreaming incubation projects, etc.

We’ve had some decent success, with being able to meet each other, though not at the same time as the other is also lucid. Still, it’s alot of fun, and the main thing stopping us at the moment, is the sheer distance and timezones thingy between members…

Also, you notice alot of psychic experiences, in a gropu of dreamers who regularly share dreams and experiences…