Are we really lucid dreaming ?

This morning i had a lucid dream and from it a lot of questions

  1. Why was not aware that the old man DC wasn’t really real and wasn’t a virus in my dream
  2. How can you be fully aware of the fact you’re dreaming, and of reality and still kind of be in the mindset of your dream character ?
  3. Was it really the mindset of my character or was he really a virus, and by that i don’t mean an actual virus, i mean is he a part of my subconscious that represents all my fears and anxieties and that’s what made him so strong in my dream so when i became lucid he sort of rose against me ?
    and lastly
  4. Are we really lucid dreaming if our minds can be polluted so easily by the dream narration? if it was dream narration in the first place.
  5. Was this a lucid dream ?
  1. You were still asleep and dreaming. To some extent, this dream character would only be not real if he wasn’t in your experience at all: if you were fully awake in the real world and not dreaming. So, when something like a dream character comes up, that experience causes a reaction.

  2. We can still have lucidity and the sense of just knowing something in the dream, like the dream character’s name or personality. Sometimes, the reactions to the dreamscape will compete with lucidity. Not always, sometimes it’s harmonious.

Sure. Why not?

The dream-sensitivity competing with lucidity that I mentioned? Sometimes lucidity competes with dream-sensitivity, and, yes, dreamscapes and dream characters will react badly and aggressively to that competition or conflict.

Yes. But that also means we can lose lucidity halfway through, or other times it’s called a “low-level lucid”.

Yes, just not a stable, harmonious, “high-level” one. You’ll get there! :smile:

It all comes down to level of lucidity or if you want how much you are lucid.

It like waking life only in different way. If you were fully lucid in your waking life then you would see and understand much more. Your attention would expand on everything.

Let’s say you eat lunch. You can smell your food, you see how it looks, you taste it and you eat it. That’s how we usually experience our lunch. But did you pay attention in what kind of dishes your food was served, did the spoon had any carvings, the table, was there any table cover, how did it looked and so on and so on. And this is only in the surrounding that you’re familiar with, but what’s with the places that are new, do you observe everything, do you acknowledge everything?

That’s how dream work too. To be fully lucid you need to acknowledge everything. But that’s hard almost impossible just like in waking life. But, things we need to control to make a dream lucid dream and to keep it that way are doable.

What I mean is if you don’t like the DC you can make it to go away if you are lucid enough, if you are strong enough within the dream to make it so. But when you flew with DC did you make the sky the way it was, the color the clouds, did you intentionally made the environment?!

See, the subconscious mind creates the world, conscious mind controls it. So when you(conscious mind) focus on something you can change it but when you are not focused on it’s changed by subconscious mind…