Are you Dreaming? - Desktop Wallpaper

Hello everyone, I download a wallpaper recently from Desktop Nexus Wallpapers and had the idea of editing it and writing a text that says Are you Dreaming?, to remind me to do RC.
So now every time I look at my desktop wallpaper I read the question: Are you Dreaming?, and I remember to do my RC.

Unfortunately the wallpaper is copyrighted so I can’t upload it.
I used Paint.NET program to edit the wallpaper, you can do it too, it is really easy.

And Love to you :smile:

It’s probably a nice wallpaper, but the best RC’s are the ones you do naturally, without any reminder. I mean, how many times would you see your wallpaper in your dream? Also, if you’re used to only doing RC’s by reminders, then you’ll doubtfully do them in dreams.

Don’t worry, I made the same mistake, when I made my mobile phone alarm go off every 30 minutes. Until I heard that that way is very ineffective!

Still, if it helps you to stay motivated, you should keep it… :smile:

Such methods indeed have the problem that the trigger itself is missing in your dreams. I experimented with wearing a dream token in WL and doing a RC each time I saw or felt it, but it didn’t result in lucid dreams. Picking a trigger that occurs both in WL and dreams is the best (or second best you can visualize yourself doing a RC after seeing a certain dream sign that only occurs in your dreams.)

So you are saying that it is best to just do RC spontaneously whenever I remember to do them without any reminders?

What you should do is make a habit of doing reality checks. Also do them when you remember dreams, think about dreams, notice a dreamsign in WL, see something strange and/or uncommon that you wouldn’t see everyday, etc… It’s very effective to do reality checks whenever something happens in WL that also accurs often in your dreams.

Thanks Zuko :smile:

No problem :content:
And I wish the best for you with LD’ing :smile:

I did the same type of thing just after reading the first post of this article, I feel a little stupid now.
I’m keeping it now only because it looks nice and I took too much time out of my night to trash it… :content: