Are you familiar with this?

When I am awake, I almost always know I am awake, and that I am not dreaming.
My problem is that when I am dreaming, I almost never know I am dreaming…

Does anyone here have the same problem?

Yeah, always… My dreams are not that weird either. Like, the last few days I’ve dreamt nothing strange, just about school etc, normal things you do in waked life.
But that’s why one should do realitychecks.

I tend to disagree with these kind of statements. Sure, you know you are awake while you are awake, but you also know you are awake while dreaming. No matter how realistic your surroundings may be, and no matter how awake you feel, it just might be a dream. That’s why many people do RCs regularly while awake; now and then they find that they are in fact dreaming.

[color=indigo]No, I agree with the first comment, If I think about dreaming while I’m awake, I know that I’m awake, no matter what is happening, but if I think about dreaming while I’m dreaming, I don’t need to do a RC, as I already know I’m dreaming, there is a distinct difference between the two feelings. But before you think about the fact that you are dreaming, it still doesn’t feel like you are awake, it really doesn’t feel like anything at all. It doesn’t even feel like it’s you who is there, UNTIL you think about dreaming, then you snap into position and it feels COMPLETELY dream like.

But the first statement is what everybody feels to a degree…if everybody knew they were dreaming while they were dreaming, this site wouldn’t be here and noone would have any problems LD ing!!

I’m not saying anyone’s wrong, god, there must be millions of ways ppl feel about this, and I’m not exactly the person to be completely trusted about this sort of thing!

But that’s how I feel[/color]

Well, for me, it’s like this:

When I’m awake, I know I’m awake.
When I’m dreaming, I know I’m awake.

Even if I start thinking about dreaming during a dream, I’ll still think it’s real life. Everything makes sense (even if it realy make no sense at all) and all feels completely real.

This is why RC are so important in helping me become lucid. Taking a RC, and having it say i’m dreaming is always a shock to me.

Maybe my way of thinking in dreams is why I’ve never got lucid through RC 's, and ONLY from being really bored and thinking a lot…I get more and more conscious as I go on until I realise what I’m doing

In dreams, you can be 100% sure you’re in real life.

In real life, you’re 110% sure it’s real life.

It looks like the most members here are convinced they are awake, even when they are dreaming.
Anyway, now when I are reading and writing on the computer screen, I am very sure I am awake.
(I remember I was reading a paper once in a dream, and I was only able to read a few small letters before the text faded.)
With other words; Reading and writing seems to be very difficult in my dreams…

Really? I’ve read magazines, wrote and drew in dreams without any difficulty.

Last night i had funny dream what shows how much we take our dreams as reality while sleeping.

It was winter and i was sliding over the bridge. I looked down to the river and felt fear of being so high. But then i encouraged myself to have the same attitute toward hights as i have in LD-s: having no fear. And i was couraged and continued my sliding on my boots :wink:

So far LD-s have helped me to overcome some fears and stuff IRL, but it was first time when they helped me to overcome fear in normal dream :happy:

This is just my own brand of unique rambling, but I’m going to suggest that you more carefully consider the actual definition of the word “I” in your post. Most people refer to their conscious mind as “I”, and their subconscious mind as “My subconscious”. I propose that you don’t know when you’re dreaming, because you’re asleep. Your subconscious knows damn well that it’s dreaming, otherwise it’d trigger a full set of emergency alarms and you’d spring awake every time the dream begins to look dangerous.

For me, it seems that the very instant my NDs begin to question whether or not I’m awake, there’s a good chance that I (my conscious self), will “wake up” (in the dream) and begin to take control of my dream self. I’m never consciously doing anything in the dream while under the delusion that it’s reality… that just would be stupid. :smile:

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