Are you FULLY yourself during LD?

I am an extremely active and vivid dreamer. I seem to dream excessively and remember everything in extreme detail. I talked to my doctor about this and he suggested that if I’m that active, I might as well do something useful with it, so he suggested pursuing LD.

I’ve read enough to know how to begin down the path. But I’m not sure I want to open Pandora’s box just yet. My hesitation is over just what happens when I “wake up”. The worst thing about excessive dreaming (for me) is remembering all the things I went through overnight–all the experiences I had when I really wasn’t myself.

My dream self has limited knowledge and makes different decisions than I would. I can remember everything that “I” did all night long, but don’t feel like I had any say in it at all. It’s more like somebody else’s experiences were poured into my brain.

Last night I walked into my high school classroom filled with friends and coworkers from every place I’ve lived at every stage of my life. That’s enough to trigger a reality check. But if I had realized I was dreaming, how much of my real life would have come back to my awareness?

Would I have realized that I am actually 40 years old, that I live in Alaska, that it’s December 2007, and that I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon? Would all the knowledge of who I am, where I’ve been, and what I know be available to me? Or would I have remained in my high school frame of mind and just said, “Cool, I’m asleep. I’m going to fly!”

Would I really “wake up” in a lucid dream and truly be my real-time self and then decide what I want to do? Or would my dream self simply realize that he is in a dream, and act according to his own desires, leaving me to remember what he did when morning comes?

If it’s the latter, then LD really doesn’t help me. It only changes the nature of what happens during the dream. I remember more about what I did during my dream last night than I do about my high school graduation. Yet my graduation feels more real because I know it was me, and I had control over my actions the entire time. Last night’s dream is still sharp and detailed in my mind, but it’s more like remembering a play that I was in, following a script that was written by someone else.

I hope this makes sense to some of you. I am very interested to hear what it feels like when you attain lucidity, and how much awareness you have of your current life. Are you really fully self-aware and able to do anything you want, even if it were something mundane like planning a trip to the grocery store or solving a riddle you heard that morning?

I hope that I don’t disapoint you, but it depends a lot on you. :tongue: When you first start LD’ing, you may have low level LD’s where it is just like you ND’s except that you know that you are dreaming, but don’t have full consciouness of your current life. It could also happen that you have full consciouness of your current life, and wake up. :sad: With practice you should be able to have full consciouness of yourself, and control over the dream. Just read some of the DD’s here and you can see how different it is for everyone.
With your good DR and vivid dreams, you should have no problem becoming a good LD’er.
I have always been fully aware of who I am in my dreams, both LD’s and ND’s. I have not been fully logical in them however. :tongue: I have accepted the fact that I was back in the army, years after I was out IRL in a dream. Your logical mind can kind of take the night off in dreams. :grin: With practice, you can get it to wake up and go back to work in your LD’s, so don’t worry about not being yourself.

jbbarnes, yes, once you know you are dreaming you are yourself and can use your knowledge of the real world. like don said, if you’re in a low level lucid dream, then you probably won’t be able to control much and just go with the flow of the normal dream

Mm. Sometimes even fully concious things can make a kind of ‘Dream sense.’ Making sense then but not while you are awake. Just like my SG telling me my uncle Phobe died. I dont have an uncle, but it made sense then. So expect some odd things to happen, but you do generally have control

A lot of times when I have a Lucid Dream, I am who I am mentally and can think the same…but usually am a totally different person (even different genders sometimes @_@) but once your aware you can easily change how you look. And sometimes it’s fun to just think cool i’m dreaming, fly! You’ll probably have a better experience :smile: imo

You can train yourself to ask yourself who am I? Most of us are trying to fly or do other funny thing. But you can also try to remember who you are. This can help you. we all do strange things in our dreams. We laugh about it. I’m sorry that you don’t feel that way. I hope that LD’s will help you. I believe It’s possible ^^