Are you really lucid?

How do you know you are lucid dreaming? Ok, you can argue that u have performed certain actions, met certain people, realized you were dreaming etc…
But what if it is actually a Normal Dream and all the actions are carried by ur SC mind but its apparently giving an illusion that u have become conscious and controlled it?
It happens when u are reading too much of lucid dreaming articles and visualising how it would be to awaken in the dream…And u are merely getting the dream in which u are actually not conscious but unconsciously transmitting what u have visualised…

Lucid dreaming is not just learning to control your dreams, it is most often described as realizing or knowing you’re dreaming, while you are actually dreaming. Recognizing that you are dreaming, and in turn becoming lucid can occur in a number of ways.

In my experience a low or weak state of lucidity will cause you to feel as if your actions dont have any real consiquence. For instance you could be dreaming that your car is going off a cliff, but you remain calm, or even enjoy the experience without fully grasping why things don’t quite feel right.

You know you are Lucid dreaming, when during your dream you question the state of things, and come to the conclusion that you are actually dreaming. You will feel a sensation that you KNOW that you are dreaming, some people call this the knowing.

The higher your state of lucidity becomes, the more aware your concious mind becomes of the fact that you are dreaming. When your concious mind becomes aware of the aspects that you control in your dream, you can learn to manipulate them how you like.

I hope this helps. :smile:

Good question, the mind is a very crazy thing, and i don’t doubt it could do that. But anyone who has experienced the moment of lucidity knows it is something out of the ordinary, something completely different.

But i suppose this is just hearsay. The real scientific evidence comes from LaBerge’s studies of lucid dreaming at Stanford University in the 70s. And particularly Alan Worsley’s experiment with lucidity, in which his brainwaves were monitored while he slept and upon reaching the REM state he became lucid and was able to convey his lucidity by stopping his eyes and moving them from left to right consciously while asleep. You can read more about it here:

I’ve dreamed of being lucid, and I have been lucid. When you’re not lucid but you reason and act like you are, it’s called an FLD. They’re very common for me, and really, I should be working on changing my FLDs into LDs, even though I usually quite enjoy my FLDs as well. I’ve had dreams where I would “wake up” and “go back to sleep to be lucid” so I could get out of situations, like going through a window to get into my house.