Argh! The reality!

My dreams are becoming way too real! Here’s one:

I was at a beach in Maryland. The only thing wrong was a palm tree.


I was at school, and I had stayed after for a club. I got on a late bus to go home, and it stopped at another school to pick up people there (this happened the day before). The only things wrong: 1. It was dark 2. One of my friends from my school was at the other school

My best LD so far started out in the Sacred Realm from LoZ: OoT. That one was obvious enough to get lucid from.

But my dreams are like normal days! I really want to get lucid but I can’t! What can I do to make my dreams less realistic?

:eh: Most of us try to make our dreams more realistic…I don’t think that that’s what you need to change. Have you ever tried reality checks? I think that it would work pretty well in ur case since ur dreams are so realistic. Just do it periodically while u are awake and then when ur dreaming u’ll do it as well. Just a thought…

well, Metaknight, I “suffer” from too realistic dreams, too. In most of my dreams I am doing everyday things with no or few things that cannot be IRL. But even if I have dreams which are so unreal as unreal can be I don’t get it that I am only dreaming. Instead, all of my LDs started on my everyday-way to school. And although there were no things wrong in the scenery I just went lucid from one second to the next.
All of my dream-signs are normal things like vehicles of any kind or places in my school. As you can see, these things are annoying for doing RCs. I wouldn’t have a second for doing other things than RCs if I did them on every car I see :alien:
To make a long story short, I recommend that you try to do as much RCs as you can and relax. If you really practise but don’t “over-do” it you will get lucid for sure. Good luck!

i hardly ever realize that I’m dreaming when I am…
because it’s so simular to the real life.
I’m usually with my friends in my dreams, and the only
thing odd is some small details… tricky, tricky…

Getting more “unrealistic” dreams wont help you much.Like posted above its actually better to have sort of realistic dreams cuz its easier for your rcs performings.If your dreamsign would be a dragon for example it would be harder for you to start doing reality checks according to this dreamsign(rcs work in a combo- dreamsign-performing rc when u enter one in rl- habit carries on to your dreams).
hope its not too confusing
good luck

Sorry I haven’t been here in a while, my internet died last Friday and this page wouldn’t load yesterday. . . . For my dreamsign I tried the nuber ‘1’, but that was really common and I kept forgetting :-/ So what would be a good one? And thanks for the insight.