artificial dream

this seems like the best place to say this… but I noticed that after i am high from smoking marijuana I feel like i am in a dream. it is really neat and when i am walking down the stairs it feels like i am in the astral but i am always paranoid a spirit is behind me. but thats only on the stairs :neutral:. Also, I can kind of control a dream when i close my eyes. i go into this sorta meditative state if i dwell on it for a while and it is like i am right there in a a dream that i can control lucidly. I just thought i would share my experience! have a great day/night guys.

insert long angry post about nazi-like drug laws in the US

i’ve yet to get high on marijuana… only tried it once, briefly.

Sounds like you WILD when you do that.

Go here to find out more about WILD

hey yeah it does sound like a WILD. thats awesome. heh yeah i dunno why it is even illegal… kinda weird. my best guess is just because they cannot find a way to tax it.

that’s absurd, it’s illegal because we hated mexicans and wanted to take their main cash crop away.

tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, everything was used back then, and profited from, the mexicans were just importing it a lot and taking all our profits away, plus it was found hemp was a miraculous solution for making paper and fibers and it would have killed the logging industry.

the government issued a movie called “Reefer Madness” which showed a couple getting high after a hit or two of pot and going on a crime spree, they told the public it was very important that they watched this movie, people freaked out and wanted it made illegal.

As Lincoln said, it’s ridiculous to think that in a free country the government can try to legislate a mans diet… he wasn’t just talking about alcohol prohibition either, the entire concept was stupid, no matter what the substance was.

Prohibition increased black market crimes and violence, just as the war on drugs does the same thing…

We have a few easy scapegoats here:
A long history of ignorance of the American people which directly benefits those in charge. Obviously if Americans were rational and well informed they’d see if any two drugs should be illegal it’s tobacco and alcohol, and that pot is a much safer and all around better drug… (though one can argue being drunk is better then being stoned, you can’t argue with non-violent potheads, in Europe they are allowing people to smoke pot at soccer games to keep them from being violent and throwing out anyone they catch drinking)

Puritans/religoius zealots/religious conservatives… they are why we still have prohibition, they are why we have censorship, they are why theaters are getting death threats for trying to air farenheight 9/11.

sorry… this may be a little off topic, but i thought i should share. In some states in the U.S. they have essentially made the selling, smoking, and i think growing of marijuana legal by allowing people to purchase a marijuana license and tax stamps. Essentially, you buy your license, then some stamps from the government, and you put your stamps on a bag of marijuana and you can sell it legally. It is basically a way to tax those who are buying/selling drugs, so they can make some money off of it all. it looks like arizona is, or was one of these states by some law from '96.

Take a look at some of this stuff: … oenix.html

woah thats sweet. i want one.

I agree with you 100% Holy Reality. Even though I’ve never actually smoked weed, I think its absurd how the government makes weed illegal and allows tobbacco and alcohol. Whats funny is that both alcohol and tobbacco cause millions of deaths in America while weed hardly ever does. Have you ever heard of someone overdosing on weed, or getting high enough that they do stupid things?

that isn’t really true, because they still bust you on selling posessing etc…

AND they bust you harder if you didn’t buy a tax stamp.

and high enough to do stupid things, absolutely, you dont’ even need to be high to do stupid things…

lol my post was robbed! :cool_laugh:

I wasn’t aware that so many people smoked pot on this site or in the us!

nothings gonna stop me from smoking it. LOL i probably sound like an addict but I really only do it about once a week. I have been doing it once a week for about 5 months. I could quit anytime but I don’t really want to. its fun and unharmful.