AS + MILD +WILD + WBTB All In One Package

This is a combination of auto-suggestion, MILD, WILD and Wake Back to Bed.

I’m trying this method, because MILD works best for me, but I really wanna do WILD, so I came up with this(sorry if someone has already came up with this).

Go to bed like normal, and set your alarm for 4.5 or 6 hours after going to bed. Firstly perform auto-suggestion, repeatedly tell yourself you will realise you are dreaming, either out loud or in your head(or both!) Do the MILD technique until you fall asleep, or are sure your intention is set. When your alarm goes off, get out of bed, and either do something to keep you awake for up to 30 minutes, or read/do something about dreaming/lucid dreaming.

After 30 minutes go back to bed, and do MILD.

  1. Say to yourself “I will realise I am dreaming” repeatedly, or make up your own mantra.
  2. Visualise yourself realising you’re dreaming, and becoming lucid.

Repeat steps 2 and 3, until you start to see hypnagogic imagery/patterns and enter a dream, or fall asleep.

This has worked for me once, but in my dream I said “Hey I’m dreaming! meh, I can’t be bothered to do anything” and lost lucidity :sad:

Here is something which should help with your Lucid Dreaming (I think this will increase my chances of lucid dreaming about x5) First look at your DJ, then look at all the entries which are Lucid Dreams, then look at all the ones which were DILD’s. Look for any similarities between them. For example, I realised every DILD I had was when I was alone in a quiet room, which gave me a chance to realise that I was dreaming. Now when you do MILD, imagine yourself in that situation, hopefully this will increase your chances of becoming lucid :wink:

I hope this helps you, please reply if it does.

^^~ Haha, this seems like the mix of the three base techniques everyone conciders-- but I’ve never seen it posted before XD ^^~

It seems cool, I think I might try tonight…!

i think you should try Infinity, Samsta2007.

You can find it on the subforum: Pathways to Lucidity

It helped me get my first LD, and i think you will be able to use it very easily

I agree with TRJR ^^~ It’s shown alot of success with many people :3!~
But still, your mix seems like a good mix-- a good mix since, if you don’t manage the WILD part, the MILD in it would help you… :3
I’ve seen some pretty crazy mixes of many, many different techniques… I think you could manag to intergrate VILD and HILD/FILD into this too XD~

nah, I think the best technique for ANYTHING is to KEEP IT SIMPLE, if people start trying to visualise stuff and moving their fingers, its gonna keep them too awake. I have only tryed this once, and it only kinda worked. (When I became lucid, I decided I didn’t want to be lucid!?!?!?!?!)

Well that’s cool ^^~ Keeping it simple would be the best route, I think :3

Good luck with this! Keep trying and keep us updated… this may turn out to be a very useful tech~~ ^^

XD i’m sorry i didn’t read your topic well enough. Although i still suggest you try Infinity

I will try this technique tonight! It’s been too long since i have done a WBTB and i know that gives me far better quality dreams. I hope i can keep it up with the HI i get, sometimes i lose myself in it

Hehe ^^~ Good thing she postsed this, yeah?

TRJR! You’re one post away from 1000! XD ^^~

I’m glad you decided to post this mix of techs Samsta! It seems useful… I’m sure others will think so as well!

Its MILD, then WBTB, then WILD. If it doesn’t wake you up I suppose you have a pretty good shot. Don’t know how easy it would be to keep it up night after night though. Its a lot of sleep lost.

(PS: please refer to my signature and please please please never use that mostrosity of an acronym again. oh the humanity…)

EDIT: phew crisis averted.