Ask About 2012?

really i want to know what will happen
so I entered an empty room, called on my spirit guide, and a voice answered.
I asked what will happen in 2012. he, the voice, started answering… but suddenly there were 2 DCs having a conversation at either side of me that I wasn’t able to hear the answer. gaah! >.<

Did this mean that I wasn’t really suppose to know? =( How do you verify that the one you’re talking to is actually your SG? :meh:

Anyway, can I ask anyone to please ask about 2012 in their LDs and post here? thanks ^^

I can tell you just from doing my own research that nothing of any real consequence will happen. First off, the Mayans didn’t predict an apocalyptic end… their calender simply stops. The people that have this end of the world theory mix together the Mayan calender with several other beliefs/religions. Even the Mayans own descendants are not worried.

In terms of the movie 2012, it is fiction. You have to remember, this is from the same person who brought us Day After Tomorrow. The “microwaves” from solar flares they talk about are filtered through our magnetic field. Even in the event of the magnetic field shifting poles (like it should be soon), it would not leave the Earth exposed enough for such damage. Worst case scenario: slight increase in skin cancer.

Well… I haven’t done research yet and haven’t watched the movie either.
But I’ve read in Deepak Chopra’s The Book of Secrets. In a certain page Deepak told of a psychic man he met. And this man according to Chopra said: “Changes are about to happen on the astral plane. Science has been in power on the material plane, but there’s going to be a turnaround in 2012–I’ve been told this by my spirit guides. From that year on, science will decline, destroyed by its own excesses. Then spirit will return to the planet.”

I just wonder what other SGs would say ^^

While I doubt some huge catastrophic event will happen on 2012, I am a bit curious about one particular theory. I’ve heard that on that day in 2012, the sun will be directly between us and the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. This hasn’t happened before (at least when humans roamed), and could very well mean an abrupt change that we haven’t quite come to expect.

Many people theorize that the center of the Milky Way forms a connection with each and every one of us. I couldn’t personally tell you how, other than perhaps certain radiation that we’re exposed to–but nonetheless, it’s pretty interesting to wonder what will happen if such a connection (if it exists) is cut off for a period of time. Maybe we’ll all get extremely happy or sad and lose our minds. Or, maybe nothing will happen at all. Either way, I must admit, I’m a bit excited to see how things will turn out (and what extreme lengths people will go to in order to “prepare”).