Asking DC to remind me I'm dreaming or to do RC's

Not so long ago I managed to approach someone in a lucid dream. I asked him if he wanted to become my dream friend and if he would like to show up in my non lucid dreams to remind me I’m dreaming. This would make lucid dreaming a lot easier as my current methods only have poor to mediocre results.

It was a mission I had planned long time ago and I was very glad that I finally could bring it into practice before waking up :smile:

However, two weeks have passed and I never saw him again in my other dreams. I still clearly remember how he looks like (face and body) but from the dream characters I met and still remember, nobody looked like him. Ofcourse he didn’t remind me about the dream or to do a RC either.

One thing I remember is that he appeared quite dumb. He told me that he didn’t understand what I was meaning and that I had to explain it again to him. So I did and then I tried to explain it once more as I saw he was still looking somewhat confused. Then the dream started to fade in a strange way as I suddenly only could hear from my right side while everything from the left was muted, also the left side of my mouth was in some state of hybernation so I became hard to talk with only the right side of it working. Shortly after it also the sounds from the right side were muted, I was completely ‘voiceless’ and I woke up. However it was with a ‘Mission succesful’ - feeling :wink:

Are there more people who tried to ask dream characters to assist them in becoming lucid and how are your experiences?
Did they show up in later dreams?
Did they remind you or did they only appear?
Or are there other dream characters reminding you about the dream?
How often did you see them back and have you got long term contacts with them? How many times did you ask other dream characters to assist you?

My current goal is to try it again in the next LD that holds it long enough to do what I’m intending. Maybe it has more chance to succeed if I come across a dream character who is less dumb and shows some real enthousiasm to assist me?

edit: I suppose the dream character has read this text too so probably he will finally show up tonight?? :grin:
edit2: he didn’t

I haven’t tried this, but I’ll soon give it a spin. Why not?

Last weekend, I had a non-lucid dream in which a DC pointed out that my behavior was dream-like. It didn’t trigger lucidity, but I was immediately interested and stopped to talk to a person who was—in the dream—a random passerby. I even asked him about lucid dreams. (Interestingly, the behavior pointed out to me as dream-like is behavior that has, in the past, led to lucidity. It was a dreamsign that I sometimes remind myself about as I fall asleep.)

Also, I have had seemingly repeat DCs in my LDs who are also lucid. They’ve never triggered lucidity, but they have participated in my LDs more than once. I’ve never asked them to make me lucid.

But, yes, I do think you ought to incubate a dream again where you ask multiple DCs to help you with this. DCs do have variable intelligence. Some seem to be hollow and others seem quite lucid and smart. (I’ve had a dream where I’ve asked DCs basic math questions and some got them completely wrong, but one got them right. A little kid, of all things.)

There’s a community here that’s really into Character-Induced-Lucid-Dreaming.

I would just like to point to any newbie that is reading this topic that we know this technique as CALD (Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming).

(dreamosis didn’t point the acronym)

There are several topics about it around here and you can search for them by using that keyword.

Be sure to check these topics:
Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming…CALD part IX
CyberD’s CALD Guide & FAQ

I have been strolling through the topics about CALD with great intrest, thanks for the links.

One thing that differs from my own method however is that all CALD practisers seem to build their dream character in waking life hoping that it will sooner or later pop up in dreams. My way to do it, is trying to get a LD via other ways, and once I have it, directly approaching the dream characters during the same dream.

Since a couple of weeks I’m trying a new method to induce lucid dreams, and that’s simply doing a discrete RC whenever I see someone handsome passing by. Both in real life as in dreams you will encounter people and even if you are not able to find out what symbols and other thing frequently occur in your dreams, you are always sure that you will see people in your dreams. Sooner or later there will be someone handsome in the dream, you do the RC and you’re instantly in a very luxury position to start off in your lucid dream :wink:

It may take weeks before the habit to do the RC’s (17 days for the first success in my case) (however I spoiled that dream as that person is my ‘enemy’ in real life and it made me confused so I wolke up) but it looks like a reliable method to get LD’s. This way I even won’t have to bother drawing or imaging dream characters in waking life :smile:

I wouldn’t say that there’s always DCs in my dreams, but yes that’s often the case. It’s actually a thing I have kept an eye on. The dreams where I meet no DCs are often very memorable and different. In my lucid dreams DCs are rarer and in one of them the DCs told me how they were afraid of me becoming lucid. Because of my low level of control I couldn’t keep them around and keep the dream together at the same time. The dream characters froze and eventually disappeared.

Last night I had a really succesful attempt making friendship with a DC during two consecutive lucid dreams :smile:

It all started while I was visiting an abandonned castle ruin somewhere on a dark evening just after sunset. Then I left the castle and started walking towards a river through fields and forests. Suddenly I noticed a massive thunderstorm cloud northwest of me, glowing up in the last shimmering of the setting sun. I was very impressed and enthousiast (as meteorology is my passion), but this enthousiasm didn’t last long.

Shortly after it, I noticed fire and smoke under the thunderstorm cloud and when I reached the river, I had a better view on the storm and what was happening there. It turned out that there was a nuclear plant which has exploded and I realised I was in great danger. So I started running the path upstream the river to get away from it. After a while I saw other people but they weren’t running and it looked like they were gathering near an old big wall with a gate in it. Slowly I started to realise I was dreaming although I didn’t have that ‘wow- feeling’. Ofcourse this was good to keep the dream stable so I decided to approach one of the people near the wall.

I told him my story about the guy I approached in a lucid dream more than a month ago (see above in this thread) and why he didn’t show up in my dreams anymore. I also asked him to help me to become lucid in future dreams and although he didn’t say much, he made a more clever and smart inpression than the first guy who left me for more than a month. I decided to get more personal to him to build up a good relation with him hoping that this would increase the chance he would show up again. I hugged him (which was great) and started a conversation with him but then I gradually woke up.

An hour or so after it I managed to get into another lucid dream through WILD (and probably with help from the Mexican dream herb which I took some leaves from the evening before). I was at the same place as the last dream ended and the guy I was talking to was there again. And believe it or not, there was another group of guys coming through the gate and there he was, the ‘dumb’ guy who left me more than a month ago, walking in the middle of the group :smile: However, the other guy asked me to walk with him back downstream the river and I decided to ignore the other group and started my walk with him. We were at the other side of the river and the guy told me that he would help me with lucid dreaming and he offered me to help me getting rid of fear during dreams (probably because the first dream started as a nightmare with a lot of fear and panic from that nuclear explosion).

We walked towards the nuclear plant and there was a lot of debris on the road. He told me that I could get rid of fear and nightmares by removing the debris from the road so he started to remove branches, leaves and other dirt and I tried to do the same while we slowly advanced towards the plant. Meanwhile I kept talking and asked his name as this might make the friendship ‘closer’. He told me was named ‘Tallo’ and next he started to give me advice to improve the quality of my daily life and what I should do after I wake up from this dream. He was very helpful, friendly and it felt great to be with him in the dream. He told me that I had to study the documents on my workplace, and that I had to replace the character ‘T’ into ‘Tdallo’ whenever I would see it in documents, letters etc.

I didn’t understand what he was meaning and he told me that this would help me greatly to improve my life quality. We arrived at a smaller wall near another gate and there was a square with a lot of branches and leaves lying on the ground. It looked as if Tallo wanted to leave here and I felt the dream started to fade again. I gave him another hug and could see his face really good and it was realistic although his eyes looked somewhat like they were made from some sort of artificial material. Then I woke up with a great feeling of having succeeded :smile:

I’m really curious what will happen next night, will Tallo Show up again and what will happen with the other guy, what would his name be and which advice will Tallo give me more?

Anyone an idea what the advice of replacing the character T in documents by ‘Tdallo’ could mean? It looks a little bit like his name Tallo, but it made me thing about ‘pedallo’ which is some sort of waterbike where you have to pedal like a bike to get forward, so maybe there was some sort of relation with the river or the nuclear plant it was flowing to?

Really strange and interesting dream which was extremely vivid, clear and most importantly, lucid :wink:

I think its to the Dream Guide that you need to ask that … Not to a random DC
Personally i would probably meet my subsconcious and make him be my Dream Guide I dunno yet :3

Every DC is the same. YOU choose to give them meaning and make them unique. If you think a DC is your SC, then it will be so, not the other way around. This doesn’t mean that you are always talking to yourself, you can give DCs a personality.

Oh okay then! ^^

Looks like Tallo isn’t keeping his promise to help me either.
Or maybe he is working with symbols or operating undercover or something :confused:

Will change my dream strategy a little bit and in stead of focussing on a particular dreamfriend trying to build up as much contacts as possible during my next lucid dreams. Sooner or later one of them will become more loyal I hope…

You should interact with these dream friends in WL too. Imagine having a conversation with them. Interact enough and you will meet them again in dreams.